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More About Social Media and Ballet

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There seem to be at least four George Balanchine possibilities on Facebook. (Someone named Shelley Troup also turned up when I searched for "George Balanchine.")

I'm dim about Facebook: a member, but something of an un-person in that I am represented by a blank silhouette and do not ever check what my "friends" are posting. I WOULD, however, like to keep up with George Balanchine and would prefer not to have to engage in necromancy.

Can anyone recommend a particular Balanchine persona or identify to ask to be my Facebook "friend"?

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The George Balanchine Foundation

Also, The Antony Tudor Ballet Trust (who, unlike its counterpart above, has posted video)

Also, most of your favorite ballet companies have official pages, some dancers have fan pages, so you don't have to worry about being too forward by asking to connect as a "friend", venues (such as Kennedy Center, New York's City Center, etc.) Careful, though! If you overdo it, you'll find yourself a slave to FB! :)

Shelley Troup may have turned up because she has joined a Balanchine group.

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This morning Facebook invited me to add "George Balanchine", "Irina Baronova", "Vaslav Nijinski", "Serge Lifar", and "Olga Preobajenska" as a Friend. Not to "Like" (formerly "Fan"), but as a "Friend".

Oh my goodness -- the possibilities!

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