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Dancing With the Stars, 2010

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Elimination - Week Six - Round Five:

Jake/Chelsie and Niecy/Louis were the Bottom Two w/ Jake and Chelsie leaving.

I really don't have much to say about Jake other than he placed about where he should have.

Not thrilled seeing Niecy in the Bottom Two. I feel that Louis is completely mismanaging her.

In happier news -- Pam is safe, safe, SAFE!!!

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Week Seven - Round Six:

Individual Scores:

01 30pts Evan/Anna (Argentine tango)

02 27pts Erin/Maks (quickstep)

02 27pts Nicole/Derek (waltz)

04 25pts Chad/Cheryl (waltz)

04 25pts Niecy/Louis (quickstep)

06 24pts Pamela/Damian (waltz)

Team Cha Cha Cha Competition (scores added to the above):

27pts Team Gaga (Chad/Cheryl/Nicole/Derek/Pam/Damian)

24pts Team Madonna (Erin/Maks/Evan/Anna/Niecy/Louis)


I love her to death but tonight may have been Pam's Waterloo. The waltz was decent but unmemorable and she and Damian performed in the middle of the pack. I fear she may get lost in the shuffle.

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Elimination - Week Seven - Round Six

Pamela/Damian and Erin/Maks in the Bottom Two with Pamela/Damian leaving the competition.

Sigh. I hate to see her go as I've really come to love her over the past seven weeks. (And I say that as someone who was no Pam Anderson fan before this.) But, if I'm being honest, I have to say that she had reached the limit of what she was going to achieve under these conditions. I just don't think she would be able to keep up with Evan and Nicole as they drive toward the final.

Oh well, a great effort on her part (and that of her partner) and she certainly did her public image a world of good by appearing on the show.

I had to laugh during the segment where the pros were interviewed and Maks mentioned how some couples make it to the finals and then screw it up in the last week. Gosh Maks -- were you referring to Season 5 and how you screwed it up for Mel B. with that horrible freestyle (thereby letting Helio mug his way to victory?)

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Week Eight - Round Seven:

Ballroom Round

01 29pts Nicole/Derek (foxtrot)

02 28pts Erin/Maks (Argentine tango)

03 27pts Evan/Anna (waltz)

04 23pts Niecy/Louis (Viennese waltz)

05 21pts Chad/Cheryl (tango)

(And it can't be said enough -- please retire "I Got You Babe" for the waltz!)

Latin Round

01 30pts Nicole/Derek (paso doble)

02 26pts Evan/Anna (cha cha)

03 25pts Erin/Maks (rumba)

04 24pts Chad/Cheryl (jive)

05 20pts Niecy/Louis (paso doble)


01 59pts Nicole/Derek

02 53pts Erin/Maks

02 53pts Evan/Anna

04 45pts Chad/Cheryl

05 43pts Niecy/Louis


Overall, I thought the night was sluggish and uninvolving until we got to Evan and Anna's "futuristic" cha cha and Nicole and Derek's "50's" paso doble. The latter, in particular, was very strong. Whatever else Derek Hough may or may not be, he sure knows how to choreograph a paso and the incorporation of 50's social dance elements was clever. His partner continues to do nothing for me, especially due to her grim countenance and attitude which suggests nothing more than a convict going to her execution.

I'm not entirely sure who is going but my guess is it will be Niecy. She's hit the same wall Pam hit last week.

Missed Pam this week. The energy level was distinctly lower without her.

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Elimination - Week Eight - Round Seven:

Niecy/Louis and Chad/Cheryl were in the Bottom Two with Niecy and Louis leaving the competition.

I would have preferred for Chad to go before Niecy but truthfully, even if she had made it to next week, I don't think she would have survived. A gallant effort on her part (made more difficult at times by Louis) but she had reached her limit. So, hers was a fair elimination.

I loved how, after Nicole and Derek did an encore of their paso from last night, the camera cut to Vera Wang (who was there to support Evan) begrudgingly standing up to applaud after the rest of the audience was already on its feet. Me-ouch!

Nice to see Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Dance Center back tonight. I like how there is this weird extended family with this show.

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My favorites were the Derek/Nicole Paso and Evan/Anna cha cha as well. I thought the costumes, hair and make-up for those dances were top-notch. Nicole as Betty Page! And when I saw Anna in her white bandage outfit I yelled "She's LeeLoo from The Fifth Element!".

I do enjoy watching Nicole dance. But she came into the competition at such a higher skill level than everyone else that it seems unfair.

An Evan/Anna and Erin/Maks final two with Evan the winner would be my ideal.

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And when I saw Anna in her white bandage outfit I yelled "She's LeeLoo from The Fifth Element!".

Actually, I thought...."wait, is Edyta back"?


The Seattle Times used to publish a weekly blog on DWTS with an "Edyta Nudity Scale" each week. Not sure if they still do it, but very funny. Here is a sampling:

Edyta Nudity Scale: High, with a new twist. Edyta wore pants, but left out the part that usually goes from the hips to the knees. I think the "DWTS" designers make her costumes by creating something kind of normal, and then removing large, random sections.
Edyta Nudity Scale: High. But — shockingly — Edyta was outdone in this category by fellow pro Karina Smirnoff, who wore a shiny red strappy thing that might best be called a "body thong."
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Round 1 (Ballroom)

01 30pts Nicole/Derek (Argentine tango)

02 29pts Evan/Anna (foxtrot)

03 27pts Chad/Cheryl (waltz)

03 27pts Erin/Maks (Viennese waltz)

Thoughts: I would agree with the judges' rankings. Nicole and Derek's Argentine tango was the strongest of the four (which it should be given that Nicole is basically a professional dancer) and Evan was quite the showman with his foxtrot. The other two dances were of a lesser quality.

Round 2 (Latin)

01 30pts Evan/Anna (paso doble)

02 29pts Erin/Maks (paso doble)

02 29pts Nicole/Derek (cha cha cha)

04 25pts Chad/Cheryl (samba)

Thoughts: Nicole and Derek's cha cha was a great evocation of a Prince video circa 1986. But was it a cha cha? Totally overscored.


01 59pts (26.1%) Evan/Anna

01 59pts (26.1%) Nicole/Derek

02 56pts (24.8%) Erin/Maks

04 52pts (23.0%) Chad/Cheryl

Thoughts: As usual, the judges abdicated all responsibility and left it up to the fan bases to duke it out as to who will stay and who will go. My head tells me Chad is just weak enough that he won't make it through tomorrow night. But you never know until Tom announces the results. See you tomorrow!

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Elimination - Semi-Finals

Chad/Cheryl and Erin/Maks were the two couples under the Red Lights of Doom at the end (I never heard Tom Bergeron say "Bottom Two") with Chad and Cheryl leaving the competition.

Chad certainly gave his all over the course of the season but, compared to the other three, he was clearly the weakest at the end. While I agree with Cheryl Burke's not-so-subtle on-air digs (at Nicole, obviously) that the show is (or should be) about people with no dance experience learning how to dance, what's done is done at this point in regard to the casting. Nicole, Evan and Erin earned their places in the Final Three.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Cheryl who consistently gets good results out of her celebrities (with the exceptions of Wayne Newton and Tom Delay, who were lost causes from the get-go):

Season 2 -- Drew (1st)

Season 3 -- Emmitt (1st)

Season 4 -- Ian (4th)

Season 6 -- Cristian (3rd)

Season 7 -- Maurice (5th)

Season 8 -- Gilles (2nd)

Season 10 -- Chad (4th)

I may or may not due a summary for next week as, really, I have very little enthusiasm for this Final Three (ringer Nicole, orange ringer Evan and bundle-of-nerves Erin.) We shall see . . .

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I am so excited that the right couple won! Nicole and Derek truly deserved the win! (Sorry to chime in before the regular reporters of DWTS, but, as I said, I'm so excited!) I think the viewers have become more discerning over the seasons and use the judges' opinions and knowledge to form their own. Having a large fan base may not be something a celebrity contestant can rely on in future competitions.

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I think the viewers have become more discerning over the seasons and use the judges' opinions and knowledge to form their own.

I hope that viewers don't use the judges' comments to form their opinions. Bruno and Carrie Ann really know almost nothing about ballroom dancing and their comments are usually somewhere between inane and nonsensical. Len has the knowledge but his comments often aren't much better. There are a lot of basic technical issues which the judges don't address, and it's usually very obvious to me which celebrities have large fanbases based on the comments they receive vs. their performances.

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I didn't watch the finals (wasn't invested in any of the finalists for reasons I've moaned and groaned about all season) but here is the final order:

01 Nicole/Derek

02 Evan/Anna

03 Erin/Maks

Derek's win means the Wonder Triplets (Derek, Julianne and Mark) have won 6 of the 10 mirror ball trophies -- Derek w/ Brooke and Nicole, Julianne w/ Apolo and Helio and Mark w/ Kristy and Shawn. (Cheryl Burke has won 2 w/ Drew and Emmitt, Kym Johnson has won 1 w/ Donny and Alec Mazo has won 1 w/ Kelly.)

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