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SFB New Roster for 2010

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Tuesday, May 12, 2009-San Francisco Ballet has announced the addition of two new dancers for the 2010 Repertory Season. Vitor Luiz joins the Company as a principal dancer. In addition, Rebecca Rhodes, an apprentice during the 2009 Repertory Season, joins the ranks of the corps de ballet. A complete and updated announcement and Company roster will be distributed at the start of the 2010 rehearsal period in July 2009.

New Apprentices

Helgi Tomasson has named six new apprentices for the 2010 season: Kimberly Braylock, Madison Keesler, Kristina Lind, Steven Morse, Myles Thatcher, and Sylvie Volosov. As apprentices, these dancers will take Company class and perform corps de ballet roles in the Company's diverse repertory. Notably, five of the newly appointed apprentices were members of the SF Ballet School Trainee Program.

Here's the link to the press release on the SFB website.

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The following dancers have been removed from the SFB roster for 2010.


Tina LeBlanc (retired)

Ivan Popov

Rachel Viselli


Mateo Klemmayer

Corps de Ballet:

Courtney Clarkson

Isaac Hernandez

Adeline Kaiser

Patricia Perez

Suzy Spaulding

Kendall Teague

Aubert Vanderlinden

Note that the two new dancers announced in the May 12 press release, principal Vitor Luiz and corps member Rebecca Rhodes, are not yet listed, nor have promotions (if any) been announced.

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Too bad for SFco. I would not be surprised if Isaac Hernandez is headed to ABT, are are many competition winners. Also, wasn't Hernandez an ABT II performer for a while? ABT usually tries to hold onto such dancers.

I was very surprised when he joined SFB and not ABT. He was with the ABT2 for a season or 2.

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I hope Suzy Spaulding lands on her feet. I loved her dancing -- the impulses themselves were right.

ANd I have to say, I'm going to miss Aubert van der Linden. A unique presence. He'll probably end up in burlesque, but has he got a gift.

They all did.... sigh.

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As a caution, while we know that SFB has acknowledged publicly that the company will be smaller next year, dancers have their own reasons for leaving companies and/or retiring, and if a dancer is removed from the roster, do not assume that he or she was part of a layoff unless there is official info to this effect.


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The 2010 roster has been updated again: Vitor Luiz (principal) and Rebecca Rhodes (corps) are now listed along with -- Isaac Hernandez! Glad to see he's back, although the others will be missed.

Still no word on promotions. Is there a drop dead date for such announcements? Are they usually published the first day back or might we see something later on?

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I just noticed that the choreographer Val Caniparoli is listed among the Principal Character Dancers. What kind of roles does he perform? Has he ever worked in his own pieces?

Val has danced character roles in the full-length ballets (R & J, Giselle, Nutcracker). Last season (2008) he danced (with Katita Waldo) the High Society couple in Filling Station. Of his pieces that I have seen (Lambarena, Connotations, Ibsen's House), he has not performed in them.

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