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Imperial School Graduating Classes of 1914-1919

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And what years they were! I had this in a very old email and don't even remember why.

I can only read part of these names, though.

Anyone else care to contribute?


Вронская (Янушкевич) Алиса-Юлия

Глинская (Гасперская) Мария-Евгения-Анна

Гопп Александра

Евгеньева Нина

Кундзина Владимир

Простаков Лав


Вильтзак Анатолий

Гейденрейх Екатерина

Зайцева Зинаида

Кожухова Мария

Кусова Елена

Облакова Ольга

Рыжков Сергей


Вилль Зента

Зуйков Константин

Иванова Валентина

Иванова Ксения

Лопухов Андрей

Морозов Анатолий

Петрушенко Александр

Ревская Валентина

Трояновская Таисия


Алексеева Мария

Андреев Леонид

Басанина Лидия

Вошкарева Милица

Вадимова Групильон Дора

Кирхгейм Борис

Комарова Татьяна

Меркулова Нина

Облакова Лидия

Панфилова Александра

Прокофьев Евгений

Рождественский Николай

Рыхлякова Мария

Седов Константин

Тюнтина Лидия

Чупрова Зинаида


Бараш Татьяна

Войтович Елена

Горева Клавдия

Евграфова Мария

Кобелев Николай

Кривалев Василий

Петров Леонид

Петрова Елизавета

Рива Нина

Томсон Владимир

Ушаков Виктор

Шавров Бори


Беляева Татьяна

Бочарова Ольга

Вайнонен Василий

Григорьева Екатерина

Иванова Зинаида

Иванова Тамара

Каукаль Мария

Киреев Иван

Лисовская Наталья

Малый Мария

Павлова Лидия

Пангина Лидия

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I can tell about some of the names above.

1915 - Anatoly Viltzak and Ekaterina Geidenreih. They became soloists and later on teachers in Vaganova school.

1916 - Andrei Lopuhov, who is the younger brother of Feodor Lopuhov, the choreographer.

1917 - Lidia Tyuntina, soloist and later a teacher and a coach of little children for Mariinsky's productions.

1918 - Boris Shavrov, very good classical soloist, who was famous for his duet with Elena Lyukom. The teacher of Yuri Soloviev.

1919 - Vassily Vainonen - choreographer of "Flames of Paris" and "Nutcracker".

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Lydia Tiuntina was also a member of Georgi Balachivadze's YOUNG BALLET - see cat. entry no. 16 in CHOREOGARPHY BY BALANCHINE for the appearance of her name.

i have a few photo cards of her.

others will know more authoritatively but i don't think there was a pause in graduating dancers from the petrograd school, tho' conditions certainly worsened in these trying times, but i may be wrong.

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Wasn't Elena Voitovitch one of the young Nureyev's teachers in Ufa?

I'm intrigued by the name Vladimir Thomson, clearly a young man of mixed parentage; I wonder what became of him.

Geidenreich, married at one time to Leonid Lavrovsky was sentenced to the Gulags during WW2, though she managed to survive and later taught ballet in Perm. Actually I know she wasn't the only one to fall foul of Stalin's purges and I often wonder about the ballet dancers that Evgenia Ginzburg encountered in the prison camps and writes about in her book 'Into the Whirlwind'.

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It's especially interesting to see Vasily Vainonen in there in 1919! He certainly moved up fast! But was Vilzak's tenure at the Maryinsky kind of short? He went west and married Ludmilla Schollar and taught at the School of American Ballet and his own school in Steinway Hall in NYC.

and then for a long time at san francisco ballet!

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From notes in my own catalogue on the graduation classes:

1915 - Geidenreich - grad from class of Claudia Kulichevskaya. Principal at Mariinsky/Kirov '15-'35 best known for Gamzatti, Lilac Fairy & Tsar-Maiden in Humpbacked Horse. Imprissoned by KGB in 1935. Later, one of the original teachers of the Perm Ballet Academy. Techer-repetitor for many years at the Leningrad Maly Th.

1915 - Vilzak - grad. fm class of Leonid Leontiev & Mikhail Fokine. Artist of Marrinski through 1921, dancing most male leading roles, e.g., Desire, Jean, Conrad. Moved to the west with wife, Lyudmilla Schollar and became great teachers.

1916 - A. Lopukhov - class of Samuel Andrianov & A. Shiryaev. Character principal at Mariinsky/Kirov through 1945. Was the first Nur-Ali in Bakh Fontan.

1917 - Tyutina - class of Kulichevskaya; then 1938, grad from pedagogical school, class of Vaganova. Artist of Marrinsky/Kirov through 1947. Best known as teacher, her famous students included Fedicheva, Bolshakova & Evteeva.

1918 - L. Petrov - class of Leontiev (must have been most popular male teacher of the era!) - artist of Marrinsky/Kirov through 1937. A noted Bluebird in SB.

1919 - Vainonen - class of Leontiev & Shiryaev. Artist of MT through 1938. As pointed out by others, a celebrated choreographer, whose works include The Flames of Paris and THE 'standard' version of Nutcracker in the territory of the former USSR.

Balanchine, Danilova & Ivanova graduated in 1921. Balanchine's teachers were P. Gerdt, Leontiev & Andrianov; Danilova & Ivanova's grad class was taught by Olga Preobrazhenskaya.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

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He went west and married Ludmilla Schollar and taught at the School of American Ballet and his own school in Steinway Hall in NYC.

Vilzak also taught (after the closing of the Vilzak-Schollar School on 57th) at the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo School, on W 54th St., through the era of the fifties and early sixties- until that school closed.

Besides technique classes he taught variations and pas de deux. Wonderful classes.

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this fotocard from petrograd w/ its handwritten captioning in the negative nearly impossible to read is said to show Lydia Mikhailovna Tiuntina. i can't say for certain if this is correct.

in any case, a possible face to one of the names given above.


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