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  1. "" As performed by Sibley and Dowell, it is far from the kind of "sign language" -- or the mugging -- that most people think of when they think of mime. To me, it IS dancing. '' I'm agree with Bart on 100%. It SHOULD be dancing. The problem now with young dancers is that they study mime (if they study it at all) as a separate subject and in their minds dancing and acting never crossed each other. Now I'm going to jump and now I'm going to "talk", which means they don't know how to EXIST on the stage constantly. Of course, it has to be taught and developed during acting classes.
  2. yes, hare supposed to be a wild animal, leaving in the forest and rabbit is domestic, leaving in the cage or in the garden.
  3. On the first picture from drama's production Fire, not Ocean. The color for Farhad's costume is tourquoise or BIRUSOVYI in Russian.
  4. Looking at youtube, unfortuantely, I have to say it's not so good as it was 40 years ago . Alexandrova's body position is too straight in famous traveling hops backward, arms too weak during "turn in pas de bourree". Boys have to slide more down after fouette in the air together. The leading men should lean more forward after emboite and so on ...
  5. Mark, but how was the performance?!
  6. Natalia, don't take so hard on dancers yet, it's still just rehearsal. Interesting was Ratmansky's explanation that he gave this dance to principals because is so powerful choreography and he is looking for the ultimate dancer who has to be good in every style of dance. Ratmansky didn't change anything in the first and the last part, he said he brought famous Kirov's character dancer Irina Gensler to stage it. Unfortunately, the second part, which he changed, looks like a piece from another ballet. Ilya, this difficult to belive, but yes, they danced so fast. My teacher was Bregvadze( sligh
  7. It looks like Hungarian dance to me.
  8. Michael, send me a message with your email, may be I can help.
  9. Pavlova. Diagilev or Nijinski?
  10. ... Also I have always thought that I must keep a large distance between me and my colleagues. This helps me to work.... Actually, it's not correct translation. She said :"I have to be a head of my colleagues".
  11. Here are two possible versions of origin of this gesture. 1. In Russia we have an expression "to break the hat", which mean to put it deeper on your head before to start to dance, so it will not fell off. 2. Most of male folk dances are kind of competition between men. Taking off the hat in front of somebody shows that you accept his priopity, so keeping it on and confirming it by the gesture of the hand makes this proud look.
  12. To continue to dance without the music or not, this is a hard question for Artistic Director. First of all, the decision has to be done immediately, but in consideration you have to put too many things - is it short variation or long adagio, how many people should dance in the sink, does the taped music has tracks or it's one long piece, what is importance of this performance and, finally, what is the heck is going on, how fast they can fix the problem?! I had an expierence both ways of dealing with this situation as a dancer and as a director and can say that the public was always entusiastic
  13. Of course, it's difficult to compare 18 years old with 60 years old ( the time when I saw Tiuntina the first time in my life), but I have a lot of doubts that she is on this picture.
  14. Vladimir Thomson danced all his life in Mariinsky, after retirement worked in the office, given salary to dancers.
  15. The school never was closed. It was renamed in 1921 as Petrograd State Choreographic College, the same year when Balanchivadze and Danilova graduated and Vaganova became Artistic Director of the school.
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