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  1. I don't know about Neumeier's opinion, but I love his version. It was played in the former mill, where seats surround the stage from three sides, forming kind of Greek amphitheatre. On the back of the stage was a small pool with a real water, over it was a balcony with a small orchestra. I had used the word "played', because dancers were magnificent in their acting, besides good dancing, of course. Neumeier included two new characters - Spring and Warrior, who were allegorical figures. One scene was absolutely brilliant, when Jago taught Emilia the lesson, how to behave yourself, whithout the
  2. Sorry, vipa, can't agree with you. I saw in the class Yuri Soloviev in his 30th when he "overdanced" Baryshnikov, who was over 20th at that time. It was normal practice in the Kirov's company in the end of the class to "show off" something special. Everybody understand that this was just for fun, we were laughing at each other, trying to find a new approach to old movements or some strange nuances. I believe the true artist have to be all his life as a child.
  3. Boulgakov's "Master and Margarita" is one of my favorite books and I absolutely agree with you, Bart, it could be a very good ballet. Unfortunately, Shostakovitch already dead and I don't see any composer who can write descent music for this huge project.
  4. this is one act ballet choreographed by Boris Eifman. Not the best work by both of them.
  5. I don't remember this documentary, but by descriptions I can say that the man with the mole on his nose was Tahir Baltacheyev, very good character dancer and coach. And the choreographer with beard was, probably, Dmitry Bryantzev, the former AD od Stanislavsky Ballet in Moscow.
  6. Marussia is a nick name for Maria in Russia, along with others, like Masha, Mashenka, Mashunya, Mashka and so on
  7. Unfortunately the letter adressed to Marussia, not Marius. And even on the card is Pavlova, it's signed as "Yours Julia". This is an invitation to some party.
  8. On this video absolutely splending is the cast of "Gayane". Alla Shelest is dancing with Semion Kaplan, Hikolay Zubkovsky with Tatiana Vyacheslova, Igor Belsky with Hina Anisimova. I was amazed by the intensiveness of their dance, like it was the last performance in their lives and tomorrow they are going to dye. Solor, Hikolay Kovmir is dancing with Kurgapkina "D.Q.", not Soloviev.
  9. In my knowledge this variation made by Petipa in respond to Mathilda Kschesinskaya's request.
  10. This is no surprise for me. Every time I'm watching bad dancing, my muscles get sore, because I'm trying to help and unconsciosly dancing instead of them. If the dancer got injured, I'm shouting like it's happened with me, doesn't matter where I am, in the auditorium or at home.
  11. I'll put on the first place the technique, anyway. The ballerina has to feel secure first of all, the same as her partner. After this acting skills and after this special "chemistry", which makes duets memorable. Sorry, Alexandra, but the size of the hands plays secondary role, the same as amount of muscles. I remember Valentina Ganibalova, when she was assigned to dance with me the first time, complained, that my hands are too small. She took her words back after the performance.
  12. Well, the first was Fanny Elssler, who made the mad scene really mad and was not convincing in the second act.
  13. The Little Humpbacked Horse was choreographed by Saint-Leon in 1864. In my knowledge nobody touched his work till it past away in 1963.
  14. It's strange that nobody mentioned Alla Osipenko. For me she is the one and only.
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