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  1. Thank you all. Helene thanks for the long careful explanation. I guess GhislaineThesmar ( Havent got my spelling primer here) was doing the mentoring for Isabelle Guerin in The Dancers dream of La Bayadere.
  2. Thank you. So how does a ballet company learn the steps of a ballet that is new to them or being re done.?
  3. Just guessing here. I recently saw The Jerome Robbins celebration in Melbourne and thought that the choreography of The Cage in particular was so complex that one couldnt just pass on a written list of the steps( e.g. plie with bottom wriggling)for any company that wanted to do it. So must a company employ someone who has danced or taught the steps so that they will be correct each time it is put on? So is it the Repetiteur who fills that role and who works with the ballet master? If this is so, it means that ballet is a little like Zen Buddhism where lineage and the passing of knowlege
  4. I just want to say that it was those backward hops by Mia Slavenska in Ballet Russe DVD - i saw it last year - that startled and intrigued me so much and caused my re discovery of the glorious world of ballet. I couldnt believe that someone could make something SO difficult look so beautiful.
  5. The Nureyev version is not a good experience on DVD - minimalism might have helped. I thought Rothbart looked like a Huntman spider - common here - not a Horned Owl at all, and he had a sort of jerky movement which seems reminiscent of some indigenous dances I've seen. And poor Fonteyn floating off with her head down as if she really was looking for minnows.
  6. Bart, I love the La Scala ballet too but I am confused about the ending. Does Siegfried's leap into the lake ( so well portrayed) mean that because he was READY to die he was able to overcome Rothbart? There seems to be no psychological reason for the ending at all. Also just by the way do you think that the two horns of Rothbarts cape sticking up as he goes down the plug is intended to remind us of the Russian Owl which is apparently two horned?
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