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Ballet Companies and YouTube

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Just noticed that it looks like ParisOperaBallet, TheRoyalBallet, AmericanBallet, EuropeanBallet, TheBolshoiBallet and TheKirovBallet now all have channels on youtube and are uploading clips from filmed productions.

Maybe I am naive to assume they are uploading their own material.

If an alert to youtube material is still problematic please delete this post.

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A word of warning about You Tube. The site doesn't appear to be moderated at all and you will be shocked by some of the filthy language posted by people leaving comments when they disagree over the merits of the dancers. Just as disagreeable are the comments posted about certain Ballet Talk posters.

I advise using extreme caution when using this site as looking at anything other than the clips can leave a very bad taste in the mouth.

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The site is moderated where it pertains to copyright, but Mashinka is right: comments are a free-for-all -- which I'm sure is what appeals to its core audience -- and many are either straight gushes or not to be read on an empty stomach.

For those who've just had their breakfast, it's best to watch the videos and treat the comments as if they are in a foreign character set that one can not read.

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I must admit that it never even occurred to me to look at the comments. Now -- rather like the adolesscent who has been warned to aovid certain people, places or things -- I'm intrigued. :cool::blushing:


That reminds me of when i was in HS, one of my friends from ballet went to a different school than I did.

When they read canterbury tales, they were specifically instructed NOT to read certain ones. I'm sure more students read them then would have had they been assigned!

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