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Karinska costume exhibit at New York State Theater

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There will be a new exhibit on view at the New York State Theater during NYCB's spring season:

This spring, April 25-June 25, New York City Ballet will exhibit a unique look at The Vintage Masterpiece Costumes by Barbara Karinska, the Company’s long-time costume designer as well as friend and colleague of George Balanchine. The exhibition features the photographs of Carin Ingalsbe, a Lexington, Massachusetts-based photographer who has created intimate portraits of some of NYCB’s most treasured costumes. Ingalsbe’s photographs invite the viewer into a world normally reserved for the people who work behind-the-scenes at New York City Ballet. “These costumes have traveled a road that is singular to each and are speckled with having been conceived, designed, repaired and danced in by some of the most talented people in the world,” says Ingalsbe. “Karinska beckons the dancer to each role danced with integrity of design that is expressed through unimaginable detail.” When you are next in the theater, be sure to spend time with this wonderful exhibition that can be seen on the Orchestra and Promenade levels.

I noticed that Carin Ingalsbe has a web portfolio:


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It says photographs. I don't know if there won't be any costumes. I remember for Balanchine's 100th, they displayed some of the costumes I believe Ingalsbe photographed (I'm thinking of the old Ballet Imperial costumes). It would be nice.

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Having seen Ms Inglesbe's art work privately, as well as many of the costumes which will be displayed "up close" as well as on stage, the photography catches the texture, color and imagination of both the costume designer and the photographer. Please see Ms. Inglesbe's website. It dances! I believe the photographs are being displayed without the costumes.

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H. Koegler states that Karinska began designing for Balanchine in 1938, Bouree Fantastique being his first ballet in the US. Balanchine first did Nutcraker in 1954. I believe Karinska was his chief designer however I am not positive if she was the designer for the first Balanchine Nutcracker. One of the cotumes in the Carin Inglesbe show is a Candy Cane from Nutcracker. I assume Karinska did do some of the design, at least in part for his Nutcracker at some point.

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KARINSKA!! :wub:

Do wish this exhibit would tour.

I remember reading somewhere, perhaps Toni Bentley's Costumes By Karinska of everyone frantically waiting for Karinska to bring the costumes and then having to help finish the sewing on them right before the premiere of The Nutcracker. I believe she redid the costumes around 1962?

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karinska's connection balanchine's work essentially dates from 1932, when she executed the costumes (by Berard) for COTILLON.

from 1951, variously, onward, when she designed costumes for NYCB's LILAC GARDEN, karinska was given full credit: design and execution.

re: NUTCRACKER, tho the scenic designs and designers changed over the years - initially h. armistead and then r. ter-aruturian - karinska was consistently responsible for the costumes, which she reworked over the years but which were always credited to her.

the 11th hour arrival of her creations was legendary, with numerous stories of taxis arriving during intermissions before the premiere of the ballets she was designing with the final versions of some of the dancers' costumes.

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