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A new etoile (Benjamin Pech, Sept 2005)

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Wow! That's a surprise ! It is the first time in a very long time that someone was promoted to étoile during a foreign tour (if I remember correctly, the last time was

Manuel Legris in NYC in 1986). I wonder if the promotion happened on stage, or after the performance ? During the Hugues Gall period, the promotions were done backstage after performance, which was IMHO a bit frustrating for the audience (and probably also for the dancers themselves), but Gérard Mortier seems to prefer to do it on stage as before.

Here's Pech's biography on the POB web site:


Actually I don't know when it was last updated (and they could have taken a better photo...)

Pech, now 31 and in the company since 1992, was a premier danseur since 1999 and had been dancing principal roles for years (especially as several of the present male étoiles are about 40 and so less active than before). I'm happy that he finally got promoted !

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bee2, if you'd like to write a review of the Beijing performance(s?) you saw (preferably in a separate thread), I'm sure many people here would be interested in reading it !  :D

Yes, please ! :beg: And a description of the reactions of the Beijing audience to the POB program(s) would be especially interesting. With the increase in the number of (1) western tours to Asia, (2) Asian company tours to the US, and (3) Asian dancers joining American companies, ballet seems to becoming mroe gobal than ever.

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I did attend the performance last night and tonight.

I've got the menu, Sept.22-23. The menu is in French,but I don't know French,sorry.


Aurelie Dupont


Benjamin Petch


Karl Paquette

PDD peasant

Melanie Hurel, Emmanuel Thibault


Stephanie Romberg



Isabelle Laurent


Benjamin Pech(Sep.22)

Alessio Carbone(Sep.23)

Jose Martinez has come,but it is said he will not perform.

Albert should be performed by Herve Moreau, but his right leg was hurt. Luckily, it's not serious. He was replaced by Pech and then Pech was promoted. What a tableau!

I was born in 1982 and toady is not only my birthday,but also the centenary celebration of my mother school -- Fudan University,one of the best University in China. At the same time, POB has come to my city. What a coincidence!

We plan to watch POB's ballet class and backstage. I'm too tired,I have to go to bed now. I'll continue tomorrow.

Pointetown.net & Shanghai Ballet report

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