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  1. Here is the video link: Shanghai Ballet Video Box This website is constructed by ballet fans of Shanghai. Wish you like it
  2. I did attend the performance last night and tonight. I've got the menu, Sept.22-23. The menu is in French,but I don't know French,sorry. Geiselle Aurelie Dupont Albert Benjamin Petch Hilarion Karl Paquette PDD peasant Melanie Hurel, Emmanuel Thibault Myrtha Stephanie Romberg L'Arlesienne Vivette Isabelle Laurent Frederi Benjamin Pech(Sep.22) Alessio Carbone(Sep.23) Jose Martinez has come,but it is said he will not perform. Albert should be performed by Herve Moreau, but his right leg was hurt. Luckily, it's not serious. He was replaced by Pech and then Pech was promoted. What a tableau! I was born in 1982 and toady is not only my birthday,but also the centenary celebration of my mother school -- Fudan University,one of the best University in China. At the same time, POB has come to my city. What a coincidence! We plan to watch POB's ballet class and backstage. I'm too tired,I have to go to bed now. I'll continue tomorrow. Pointetown.net & Shanghai Ballet report
  3. Congratulation: Pech was promoted as ETOILE tonight in Shanghai Grand Theatre after performing Giselle and L’Arlésienne. Pointetown.net & Shanghai Ballet reports
  4. This is the video box of NBC (National Ballet of China) The director is Yimou Zhang, Click ¡¶´óºìµÆÁý¸ß¸ß¹Ò¡·ÊÓƵ½éÉÜfor Video Then you will be led to http://www.tvsky.tv/detail.php?id=606&lan=en and watch the piece. I'm a Chinese ballet fan. I'd like to introduce more Chinese ballet to you.
  5. Chinese ballet forum http://www.balletalk.com
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