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From February 10 to 15, 2004 at The Museum of Television & Radio in NYC

they'll be screening:

"Great Moments from Great Performances" Includes Serenade (Kistler, Nichols, Calegari, et.al) as well as Western Symphony (Roy, Soto, Saland, LaFoss, Alexopoulos, Boal, et al.) and Theme and Variations (Kirkland, Baryshnikov). [1978-90; 85 minutes)

Tuesdays - Sundays at 12:30pm

Thursdays @ 6pm

25 West 52 Street


MT&R The Museum of Television & Radio

By they way, they're screening different Balanchine work every week from 12/5/03 until 3/7/04.... A nice lunch break for those of you lucky enough to be in the vicinity!

If only there was someone out there to fund the release of this into general distribution. There's a foundation I'd like to see run: one that arranges and funds making such tapes available to the general public. It's not commercially viable, so it's not done. I wonder if research has ever been done into the costs of such a project as a non-profit endeavor. I guess as long as there's the ghost of a hope of commecial profit from anything like this, a non-profit distribution would be quashed. But honestly, I think all the entities involved would fare better down the road if these videos were available, because it would inspire more live performance attendence and that's the point in the end, isn't it? Has the existence of recordings of their music ever hurt the touring of rock groups?

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Serenade was on German/French TV 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine taped it and will sent it to London for me. It must be the 60s recording wich I have already. But not a very good copy. And I do have a copy from last years with the NYCB.

If interested please contact


(but I can make European Video System Copys only)

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paul, I think the German program you mentioned was the following?


(I don't speak German- does it say that it showed the whole three works - "Concerto Barocco", "Symphony in C" and "Serenade", or only excerpts? Oh, lucky German people!!! )

(Oh, by the way, I was pleased to notice the first link "Lesen Sie"... :grinning: Except that they made a mistake (twice http:) so it doesn't work!)

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this more or less confirms what's been noted above.

there is no commercial tape of SERENADE in the States.

there was, however, the telecast from 'Dance in America' indicated above, the credits and the n.y.pub.lib. for the perf. arts notations follow, suggesting that 'off the air' copies are obviouslyaround, even if the program was not subsequently released commercially:

Balanchine in America [videorecording] / co-produced by WNET/Thirteen and Danmarks Radio ; produced and directed by Judy Kinberg and Thomas Grimm ; choreography by George Balanchine.

New York, N.Y. : WNET/Thirteen, 1990.

(58 min.) : sd., col.

Performed by members of the New York City Ballet.

Music performed by New York City Ballet Orchestra conducted by Hugo Fiorato.

Introduced by Peter Martins, ballet master in chief of the New York City Ballet.

Lighting, Jorgen Johannessen and Tim Hunter ; executive producer, Jac Venza ; ballets edited by Soren Kirk.

Serenade (ca. 34 min.) / music, Peter Tchaikovsky ; costumes, Barbara Karinska ; danced by Darci Kistler, Kyra Nichols, Maria Calegari, Adam Lüders, Leonid Kozlov, with Marisa Cerveris, Lisa Jackson, Miriam Mahdaviani, Kathleen Tracey, and ensemble.

Western symphony (ca. 24 min.) / music, Hershy Kay ; scenery, John Boyt ; costumes, Karinska ; cast: Allegro, danced by Melinda Roy, Jock Soto, and ensemble ; Adagio, danced by Stephanie Saland, Robert La Fosse, and ensemble ; Rondo, danced by Helene Alexopoulos, Peter Boal, and ensemble.

Telecast on WNET/Thirteen's Great Performances: Dance in America series in 1990.

Performances of Serenade, the first ballet created by Balanchine on American soil, and Western symphony, his evocation of a balleticized "Wild West."

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