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At NJPAC, Oct. 11, 2003

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Looky what just landed in my in-box! :)

Saturday, Oct. 11 at 8:00


Dance superstar Suzanne Farrell, classified as “America’s greatest ballerina ever” by TIME MAGAZINE, returns with her own acclaimed company and an all-Balanchine program that includes "Divertimento No. 15," "Tzigane," "Variations for Orchestra" and "Apollo." "Nothing short of miraculous!" says THE WASHINGTON POST.



BUY ONE TICKET FOR THIS PERFORMANCE, GET ONE F-R-E-E! MENTION CODE “2 FOR 1” IN THE COMMENT FIELD OF YOUR ON-LINE ORDER. YOUR DISCOUNT WILL BE PROCESSED AND CONFIRMED BY THE BOX OFFICE ONCE YOUR ORDER IS RECEIVED. This special offer expires on Thursday, October 9, 2003 at 6:00pm. Orders received after the deadline will be processed at regular prices. [Not applicable to prior sale and cannot be combined with other discount offers.]

So there'll be twice as many of us there? :)

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Unfortunately the ticket offer probably means the tickets aren't selling well. A few years ago for Miami City Ballet, the management had the entire top ring move down to the third tier because the theater was so empty. It's a shame - I love the NJPAC and they've been offering some great programs, especially ballet, since opening.

But I'll be there :)

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It is a shame -- and interesting to me. Down here, George Mason University has a big theater, built for ballet, surprisingly enough. (There was interest in ballet in the university's administration about ten years ago; Miami City Ballet had a residency.) It's far from the city, out in Fairfax County, beyond the reach of the subway, although you can connect by bus. They do at least one ballet a year, often a minor Russian touring company, taped music, etc -- and it's always sold out. Family audience. They don't seem to be particularly ballet fans, more people taking their kids to the theater. Mark Morris sold out -- different crowd, more students and local modern dancers and dance fans. (I make these comments by eyeballing the audience during intermission and looking around during performances; it's not a scientific survey!) I would think there'd be hundreds of ballet fans in New Jersey -- I'm surprised.

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I agree with Carbro, it's very easy to get to NJPAC from Manhattan (though I have some friends from the city that still resist). And after the path, there is either a little bus called "The Loop" that takes you to the theater (to be honest, it's supposed to come every 15 minutes to a sign just outside Penn Station but the sign is gone and the bus seems to come when it comes) but a taxi is $5 or less. On nice days I walk. I always take the Loop back as it is usually right outside the theater when the show ends. However, it tends to take off right at the end, so no visiting the bathroom and I believe I had to charge down the stairs in the theater to catch it.

And it's a lovely theater - great sightlines, good sound. The New Jersey Symphony has increased its fans base with its move there and improved the quality of its playing due to the acoustics. A friend from Boston Symphony told me it is one of the better non-symphony specific halls she's played. However, I've only been to a ballet performance with a full orchestra once since the theater opened - that was in the first or second season when ABT did Cinderella there as a holiday alternative to the Nutcracker. There was a rumor that ABT would perform there for a few nights every December, but it did not happen. Still, this is the second time in three years Farrell's company is scheduled and Miami Ballet seems to alternate between NJPAC and the Tilles Center every year.

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I'd like to add my plaudits about NJPAC. I've been there for DTH, Ailey, and Farrell, and really love the place. Just entering it makes me cheerful. I'm told though, that some of the streets between Newark's Penn Station and NJPAC are being torn up, making walking difficult at this time.

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This past spring, during Miami City, it was somewhat torn up but still walkable. No idea if it's better or worse or impossible now. After the performance, there was a good sized crowd walking from the theater to the station -- nice bunch!

Oh, yes, it is a very comfortable auditorium for ballet. It seems to offer a bit more leg room than I am accustomed to, in addition to the aesthetic pleasure of the hall.

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