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Ice Cream and Ballet

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Now that I have your attention... :wink:

We've all heard about Balanchine giving a different perfume to each ballerina. This thread does the same thing, but with ice cream :wub:

You don't have to make up a cute name for your flavor, though they are welcome :thumbsup: and male dancers are included.

Examples, courtesy of carbro :flowers: :

Jose Carreno: coffee with a caramel swirl

Angel Corella: tart and lemony

Julie Kent: vanilla chocolate chip

It'll probably make us all hungry, but such fun :D

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Farrell: Coffee

P. Martins: Vanilla

McBride: Cherry Vanilla

Tomasson: Chocolate

Whelan: Dulce de Leche

Nichols: Mocha

Kistler: Tutti Frutti

Meunier: Mango Ice

Bouder: New York Super Fudge Chunk

Somogyi: Cherry

Boal: Boysenberry sorbet

N. Martins: Frozen Tapioca

Borree: Creme Brulee (cracked)

LeClerq: Amaretto

Ansanelli: Lemon ice

Taylor: Black Cherry (served flambé)

Villella: Spumoni (you were expecting something else?)

Watts: Fireworks (a Stewarts' flavor whose featured ingredient is Pop Rocks -- remember those?)

Verdy: Pistachio

Ananiashvili: Cherry Garcia

Bocca: Tamarind ice

Gregory: Peach Melba

Fonteyn: Devonshire Cream (frozen)

Nureyev: Chunky Monkey

Dvorovenko: Peppermint Hot Fudge Sundae with a Cherry on Top

Belotserkovsky: Orange sorbet

Sofiane Sylve: Ginger

Kent: Green Tea

Pavlenko: Any Damn Flavor She Wants

Volochkova: Every Damn Flavor She Wants

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Some very clever, very witty ones in here. I am awestruck by Manhattnik's inspired list. Simply awestruck. :wink: M'nik has the soul of a poet.

My modest contribution: Suzanne Farrell as Champagne sorbet with a discreet drizzle of dark chocolate sauce with orange bits.

I imagine X. Reyes as a scoop of Vanilla Carvel (soft ice cream, for our non-US readers) with butterscotch syrup, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, lots of whipped cream, several cherries and fistsful of nuts. Oh, and colored sprinkles/jimmies. People said she looked good at the Met, though, this past spring, so I may have to come back and eat my words. :thumbsup:

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Thanks to Hans for mentioning this thread in a note to me! :thanks:

I think we can add a few folks to the list.

Ashley Bouder: A creamsicle, both smooth and tangy, with contrasting textures. (Just in case they no longer make creamsicles -- I haven't seen one in ages -- they were orange sherbert with vanilla ice cream inside on a stick).

Marcelo Gomes as a make-your-own sundae. Whatever your ice cream desires are, he can fill the bill!

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Sylvie Guillem- Cherry

Diana Vishneva-Raspberry


With all due respect, Diana is Cherry. And given her recent performances, make that Cherries Jubilee*!

Just plug her name


into Babelfish to see why:


* Escoffier's original recipe (for Q. Victoria):

CHERRIES JUBILEE (Original Version)

Simmer some fine stoned cherries in syrup. Drain them, put them into little silver, fireproof porcelain or glass ovenproof dishes. Pour the syrup into which they have cooked over them, after boiling it down and addiing to it a little cornstarch or arrowroot diluted with cold water. Then pour into each dish a tablespoon of warmed kirsch and set flame to it at the moment of serving."

The original version had no ice cream. A few years later Escoffier invented Peche Melba, which did. And so, God Save the Queen, this progress from the Empire:


Pour the juice from a pint jar of pitted Bing cherries into the top pan, or blazer, of a chafing dish. Place the pan directly over the flame and bring the juice to the boil. Thicken it with 1/2 teaspoon arrowroot dissolved in a little cold water and then add the cherries. Stir the cherries in the sauce until they are heated through. Pour over the cherries 2 ounces of kirsch and set aflame. Serve the flaming cherries and sauce over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Quotes from Historian J.J. Schnebel at http://members.cox.net/jjschnebel/cherries.html

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I'm strictly a dark chocolate person nowadays, so I can't come up with any references. There aren't many of those rich, complex dancers, voluptuous in movement, around anymore.

I only know that back when I was a teenager, my favorite ice cream flavor was mint chocolate chip (served at Howard Johnson's, a kind of suburban teenage hangout bak in those days, something like Starbucks with food). My favorite NYCB dancer by far at that time was Melissa Hayden. So I've always associated the two.

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