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  1. I agree that he would be an ideal AD for ABT, but as others also think I cannot see him fitting into the .NYCB. repertoire
  2. Cullberg/De Mille I am happy to have got a ticket to see Aurelie Dupont and Nicholas Le Riche in Miss Julie, on 12/3/2014, however it is a bit confusing on the Opera site regarding which ballet will be performed first. Can anyone advise if it is Miss Julie first then Fall River Legend last. When you check the distributions it comes up the other way round. Thank you.
  3. I agree that Alice Renevand is a most interesting dancer, she Is one of the future for new works and traditional ones as well, it is good she has been given the chance. All I hope is that she will be able to cope with the strains and stresses related to stardom , and can enjoy her career.
  4. I also went to see Le Parc on the 28th December 2013, with Aurelie Dupont and Nicholas Le Riche dancing, as usual they were both superb , and gave a brilliant performance. I really do like this ballet. For me I find the contrasts in the music and choreography very appealing. The music or Mozart fits the setting and storyline very well. But at the same time I like the synthetic sound and movements given to the Gardeners who nurture both the garden and young woman. The costumes are excellent from the girls dressed as young men (in travesty) the crinolines, and under garments with their boned bodices and soft skirts, and the period breeches, coats and shirts of the men. The former post goes into more detail about the work, so I will concentrate of the two stars interpretation. As usual Aurelie was radiant as the character of Constance, poised and controlled in the early stages and gradually allowing the final abandon as required in the last pas de deux in the famous kiss when she is swung out in circles around the stage. Her wonderful technique showing very clearly as she danced through the different movements of the modernistic choreography. What a fabulous artist to be able to move from the different styles the POB asks of their Etoiles and other ranks. Nicholas Le Riche who has been a regular partner for her over the years, again supported and matched her in technique and acting, making a very successful effort, his gentle wooing and responses producing a well honed performance from them both.
  5. The young women of Japan do idol worship Aurelie or Oereri as she is affectionately known. So no doubt they will give her a tremendous send off.
  6. I have just received a CD of the ballet music by Carl Davis for Derek Dean's new production of The Lady o the Camellias based on the Dumas book, but different in that it features Giselle in the storyline. rather than Manon. This is a two CD set and the music is quite exquisite played by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the Composer and certainly one to cherish and enjoy..
  7. I was wondering what the situation is concerning dancers leaving the theatre before the final curtain. If it was a mixed bill of more than one ballet, would the principal dancers if in say the first two works be allowed to leave before the final curtain. Or would their attendance be required that they stay right until the end.to comply with the hours they need to work. Although I should know this having worked with The Royal Ballet I cannot remember what was the norm. Please jog my memory. Thanks.
  8. At the Paris Opera dancers are not given flowers on stage only for a special occasion. This is such a shame but it does stop the problem of some dancers not receiving anything.
  9. No I'm going by what I heard but I'll retract my comment and assume it's down to her due date then. Makes more sense. Yes, thought it was poor practise myself - according to their website they also employ an osteopath as well though. Mathias Heymann mentions having to travel to see somebody here. It's bad given their budget - and with the cuts the company is facing, it should make Benjamin Millepied's plans for a Parisian version of the New York Choreographic Institute a low priority. So there are only two people looking after their physical heath, that is really diabolical. there should be special facilities with a reasonable number of experienced staff members to keep them in good shape so they do not have to relie on general outside units.After all the treatment needed is specialized. Considering the help they get with their hair, makeup and costume changes you would think more attention would be given to such an important feature of protecting their bodies from injury.
  10. It is really bad practice that the POB have only one physiotherapist, to look after such a large number of dancers, I know the Royal Ballet has more than this, and use Osteopaths who are much better in sorting out injuries. So it seems the injured people have to relie on their own doctors and make their own decisions as to when hospital visits may be needed. Not a satisfactory situation at all.
  11. As one by one the current Etoile's reach the end of their career and retire the questions arise who is left behind to hold the fort. What's more it was currently stated in Dance Europe latest edition, concerning the ladies, that there are currently three Etoile's on Maternity leave.(Dorothee Gilbert, Marie Agnes Gillot and Myriam Ould Braham. With the recent departure of the retiring Etoiles, the number of principles is drastically reduced. And will this give a chance to some Premier Dancers to step up to fill the missing places. I hope so, as it is unfair to put the burden of too many performances on a small number of Etoiles such as Ludmila Pagliero and Karl Pacquet during the current season..
  12. Telephone the Booking Centre on 0033 171 252423 and they will tell you when the next release of billets is. Phone again on the date they give you as early in the morning (Paris Time) as you can. Make sure your tickets are correct as any errors cannot be amended after purchase. Good Luck I recently managed to get a seat for Aurelie Duponts last performance of La Dame aux Camellias on 6th October, despite being told it was sold out. for days beforehand.
  13. What a surprising statement, "Royal Ballet Style" it is almost non existent, with so many dancers from abroad trained In different schools. I wonder just how many UK dancers are in the ranks. But one could almost say the same of English National Ballet. The trouble is that the Arts are badly neglected here, dance is looked on as old fashioned or boring, meaning young people are not encouraged to take it up. When a promising candidate appears there is no funding to help them progress. It is up to parents to fund their off springs training, which often is simply not possible.. In other countries like Russia where children with a suitable physique and aptitude for a career in dance are taken out of normal education and sent to the major dance schools, where they are nurtured and funded by the government the students stand a far better chance. Actually Ballet still remains a cultural interest to the population. It is not treated as an elitist genre as in the west. Going back to Alina Cojocaru she is a wonderful dancer, and I cannot understand Monica Masons attitude, she must have been oblivious to her sold out performances, as the audience certainly appreciated her qualities, despite where she was trained. . At least now people throughout the UK will be able to see her dance when ENB come out on tour. . Their gain is the Royal Ballet's loss.
  14. I have heard about her interest in ABT, and that seems the most likely place for her to guest. But I'm sure there are many places where she and Belingard could teach, if that is of interest. I'm happy to have Dupont and Belingard come to San Francisco Ballet, and keep Mathilde Froustey company. ;) (Or maybe Froustey would wonder, "Can't I get away from these people?") But certainly, London would be a good option for them. Oh Pherank, I bet you would like them to come to San Francisco, I would be very envious, much to far for me to come lol. Has Matilde settled in okay, do you see her perform much. I saw her as Olga in Onegin with Mathias Heymann and she was very ggod, it was an Aurelie /Nicholas Le Riche performance. Onegin is in the current season as well. But I have seen it twice 2 years ago at ROH with Alina Cojocaru another fine dancer. Must save my money for other ballets with Aurelie. In some ways I am not sure if she will continue in dance, as she seems to want to have a normal life as a wife and mother. Cannot say as I blame her after all she went into the company at 16 years old.
  15. It's nice to be able to hear from someone who could be there - thanks Nanarina. I have to hope that Dupont is able to come to the US to do some dancing after POB retirement. Who knows what the future will hold? Pherank You may be lucky, as Aurelie and her husband Jeremie Belingard have said they would like to move to America, as they loved their time there recently on tour. But they are also not certain of how French people get on there. Seems Aurelie has already asked ABT if she could dance in Manon but they turned her down. (They obviously do not know what they are missing) She does not want to coach or work at POB but would go further a field. Pity she cannot guest at Covent garden, especially as Alina Cojocaru has left to join English National Ballet (what a scoop for them eh?)
  16. Good job, Nanarina - I'm happy for you (and envious). I agree that the opportunities to see Dupont live are fast running out. Well it was Aurelie's final performance of the Ballet on the 6th October, and she did confess when I went round to see her. that she felt sad. By all accounts on the performance prior to this the 3rd, she was crying at the curtain call's, knowing she had only one more performance to dance. Bless her, she has quite a challenge ahead as the time passes up to her final appearance. .
  17. After many attempts to get a ticket for "Le Dame" with Aurelie dancing the title role, I was thrilled to succeed in getting a seat for the Sunday matinee, on the 6th October, I have been trying for almost 5 years to achieve this, and had almost given up.. After being told all the time it was sold out, I phoned on the spur of the moment, last Monday. and asked about the availability and wonder of wonders there were two seats available in the orchestra where I like to sit. Having first checked Eurostar and a hotel, I snapped it up with much delight. At last, I am going. After checking the Distribution list, it is the last performance Aurelie is doing in the run. Which brings me to wonder, if in fact it will be her last performance of the ballet, before she retires. Taking into consideration the season is announced until mid 2014, it only leaves a short time before she will retire early 2015. It will be a delight for me but tinged with sadness to know this beautiful dancer will all too soon leave the company.
  18. I am so glad this video was not taken down, it is a joy to watch, I found the Osmolkina, Fadeyev version and burnt it to a DVD, the quality is pretty poor but it is wonderful to have a version to watch on my DVD. I would buy a commercial copy if available after being introduced by this revival.
  19. Nanarina


    Yes, most defiantly, she does not over act, as Penney does, nor use those simplistic doe eyed faces. Manon was not so innocent when we first see her, she has already charmed the elderly gentleman on the coach journey. Rejecting him to his annoyance when she runs off with De Grieux at the end of the scene. It appears the reason she is being sent to the convent, is that she is already too wordly wise. No doubt encouraged by her wayward brother.
  20. Yes I was fully aware of this, but was referring to the later revival.
  21. She was originally cast. She and Ganio were to have opening night. They she was pulled from the casting, then came back for later in the run and then was pulled again. She is injured. The étoiles for Sylphide have been hard-hit - in addition to Dupont, Ganio, Gilbert and Ould-Braham are all out with injuries, plus Raveau. Pagliero is basically carrying the run (as she did with Don Q this winter ...) Oh dear, it seems never ending the amount of injuries that happen at the POB, makes one wonder what the quality or number of physio's or osteopath's they have. Josua Hoffalt is off again after his stress fracture in his leg, now with an injured shoulder. Why on earth don't they push some of the premier dancers or stand Ins forward, it is just not fair to let a minority of dancers like Ludmila take the strain.
  22. I am rather surprised to see that Aurelie is not cast in the current La Sylphide, as she was the person who created it with Pierre Lacotte for the POB. Perhaps she is cutting down on major roles prior to her retirement in 2015.
  23. But no Défilé - that's the sad part. Who wouldn't want to see the défilé for the 300th anniversary?!!! I loved Aunis, were they premier dancers from the company, and can anyone tell me who was the guy mainly in the centre plese. He stood out to me, with great musicality and stylish way of performing. Thanks.
  24. It is true certainly in France and the UK the auduience are much better mannered, and rerspect other peop[le's enjioyment oif the performance. However once in the Garnier Paris, a woman sitting behind my friend tapped him on the shoulder and told him to move down in his seat, he was no taller than others nearby , and did not speakFrench, so ignored her. Her attitude at the time was distincly rather bossy. had she been more amicable he might have obliged but the performance had already started and they were last minute arrivals.
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