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  1. The fan who started the protest attended and posted videos of the whole thing on her facebook page.
  2. I agree with foundoffouettes about the contract change, that makes a lot of sense. Just speculation, but the two week notice timeline Veronika mentions in the Russian article does make sense based on her social media activity. She was all smiles at the Vishneva farewell on June 23, then June 25 posted a series of photos from her Swan Lake taken a few weeks earlier, with sad captions about how it would be her last Swan Lake at the Met. I revisited the facebook page of the protest organizer and there is an exchange between Veronika and Nina Alovert that also seems to confirm.
  3. Veronika just announced her retirement on instagram. Heartbreaking.
  4. I would imagine ABT's treatment of Part is unnerving to the other principals, including Murphy, who are now wondering how much control they have over their futures at the company.
  5. I am troubled by the fact that Veronika (and her father!) feel the need to address her situation with this Facebook fan. It speaks to a lack of coordination and understanding behind the scenes at ABT, and a great deal of disrespect toward Veronika by whoever is making these decisions. Perhaps she is voicing her position in the only forum available to her. Part spent most of her career with this company and at least deserves the courtesy of a clean exit. No senior principal should have the door slammed in their face. The phrase "because her contact was not renewed" has appeared in
  6. I am astonished at how poorly ABT is handling this situation, both publicly and privately. It breaks my heart to see such a talented, respected dancer completely excluded from the narrative of her own departure from the company. This unhinged facebook fan is getting a little carried away, but on the other hand ABT deserves all the negative press coming its way from this mess. I hope some donors hit them where it really hurts.
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