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  1. Not sure what happened with unity phelan tonight. She and Mejia debuted the scherzo last Sunday with no issues. It was almost like she forgot to rosin her shoes tonight or something. She was dancing brilliantly until her first fall (those beginning turns at fast speed, with perfect accents and phrasing). Megan Fairchild also had some uncharacteristic stumbles in T & V. Gordon did better than I expected, but the double tour variation was nowhere near as good or effortless as Joaquin’s. Missing both Joaquin and Tiler Peck in t & v this season. On a side note, I am not a fan of the re
  2. Went to the dec 27th perf with Maria k, Tyler angle, and unity phelan as dew (subbing for sterling). Best nut of the year for me. Maria is still the best SPF in my book - those beautiful extensions and the high back leg in arabesque during the promenade and the slide are pretty unique among nycb’s SPFs. Rock steady on the slide (in contrast to the disappointing Sara mearns a few weeks back) and great drama for the shoulder lifts. I’ve loved Maria’s spf since chuck askegard days, and she is just as good now. I also loved unity as dewdrop. I thought she was gorgeous with lots of presence.
  3. I was at opening night and also the Sara/janzen/tiler performance. Opening night was riddled with distracting errors- not sure if this is a reflection of the company at this time, or whether it was a one-off. 1) a party boy’s ballet shoe was half off his foot and flopping around for a good portion of act 1, which i found very distracting as I kept expecting the shoe to come off. He managed to hike it back on his heel when he was in a cluster of kids; 2) Devin alberda was soldier and as soon as he started his hat fell off backward so the chin strap was almost choking him, he had to rip
  4. According to Jared angle’s public Instagram page, he tripped Sara (and apologized). But there was definitely less trust after that mishap - she did look a little tense after, understandably. It’s another sign of city ballet’s dearth of men that they felt they didn’t have one good enough for the first movement and stuck tyler angle in it, when he normally would be doing the second movement. Jared doesn’t normally do that role. And maybe the company was still tired from Shanghai. Applebaum almost fell over after a double tour to the knee. I didn’t think city ballet danced at the same level
  5. Totally agree! What a gorgeous ballet. I didn’t want it to end. And the best Balanchine dancing I’ve seen from ABT. Hoven was a wonderful surprise. I also agree with Abatt about the dorrance. I found it interminable and not pleasant to look at. I will be sitting that one out in the future.
  6. I don’t disagree with you. I was just responding to the question of whether all Balanchine programs or mixed Balanchine/meh new works programs would sell better. From my point of view I would not want to spend money for a mixed bill over an all Balanchine one. If the company were to do away with all Balanchine nights in favor of mixed programs with only one Balanchine ballet, I would definitely attend much less frequently.
  7. I don’t get the peck mania. None of these modem guys (including ratmansky, dsch aside) comes close to Robbins or ashton, let alone Balanchine. It’s too bad Nycb does no Ashton. I’d like to see how they would do monotones, for one. Balanchine is like the bach of ballet. Pure genius. Even today, ballets like Episodes or Porte et Soupir are much more avant- garde than anything modern I’ve seen.
  8. I, for one, much prefer all Balanchine, or a mix of Balanchine and Robbins, to a mix of Balanchine and new. It’s so much more rewarding. I thought peck’s easy really suffered by comparison when it followed the genius allegro brillante. I find most modern works uninteresting compared to Balanchine, and I definitely avoid all new nights. One exception is DSCH, which I love, but it still wasn’t enough for me to keep my subscription ticket to that program this season, given the other works. So count me as one audience member who would go out of her way to attend an all Balanchine program, but a
  9. She replaced Ashley Hod, who appears to still be out after her injury in Mozartiana last season. Agree that she was not the best choice- too tall, and I was also distracted by her dark tan. Among the tall corps girls, I really like Christina Clark- nice to see her getting more roles. Too bad about Maria- she had no trouble with the developpe balance on Friday. Also wanted to add that Taylor Stanley was fantastic in Stravinsky violin concerto on Friday. He dances with such grace and amplitude. I hope they cast him in Agon.
  10. I thought Maria was gorgeous throughout. Saw her on Tuesday. I found my mind wandering during Sara’s performance (which isn’t to say that I didn’t like it, I did) whereas I was captivated by Maria’s. She did lots of clean doubles from what I remember. And I like her musicality better in this than Sara’s. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I didn’t want others on the board to have a solely negative impression of Maria or anticipate a bad performance from her when I (and at least one friend of mine who also attended on Tuesday) found her to be beautiful and not at all lacking in
  11. I feel compelled to disagree strongly with canbelto’s review of Maria. I love Maria in Mozartiana- her long legs, neck, beautiful extension are of course a given, but she transports you in this ballet in a way that Mearns cannot. Something about the way she looks so absorbed, and her gorgeous head positions. I did not note any sloppiness or fudged footwork. As for Hyltin, I saw her once in Mozartiana and vowed never again. I feel lucky Maria is still dancing Mozartiana and I’m looking forward to seeing her in Chaconne. Seen Sara twice now and there’s something lacking in her chaconne. It
  12. Agree with what others have said about last night. Gilbert was light years better than Pujol. What a beautiful, supple back she has! I did think the lead men were a little better the first night but overall this was the pob's stronger emeralds cast. The Bolshoi Rubies was dreadful. First time I couldn't wait for Rubies to end! Costumes were awful - santa's little helpers meets the rockettes. And not really a ruby color on top of it all. The dancers just looked awkward through the whole thing. Spotted Tess Reichlen watching from the back of the first ring - wonder what she mu
  13. I believe it was Angelina Karkova (not sure about the last name but def heard Angelina).
  14. Was there for opening night of the LC Jewels. I was underwhelmed by the French, especially did not like Pujol's water nymph solo and her strange head movement affectations. As a whole the company did not dance with the musicality or cover nearly as much space as nycb. I did very much like Myriam, who reminded me of Ashley Laracey. Her walking solo was the highlight of Emeralds. And I thought all the men were great - super clean footwork and nice jumps. Overall though, I prefer city ballet's interpretation (and Karinska's costumes). Nycb did themselves proud in Rubies. Tess wa
  15. Just wanted to note that in Restless Creature and in the article canbelto linked to, the timing is that Wendy was not injured in nov 2011 when Martins called her in and told her he didn't think she should dance sugarplum. She says in Restless Creature that the conversation affected her so profoundly she began to doubt herself, and suffered the hip injury - her first major experience with debilitating pain in her career - after that talk. She basically blames the sugarplum conversation for her injury. And after that she was no longer the same.
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