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  1. Found this article thought it was an interesting change http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2010-07-21/entertainment/ct-live-0722-joffrey-shrew-postponed-20100721_1_merry-widow-joffrey-ballet-british-choreographer-ronald-hynd
  2. Yumelia Garcia also danced Cinderella in one of the performances I saw. It was a lovely production and played to full houses in Los Angeles. I would say it was a huge success.
  3. I saw it in LA but I saw Dennis Matvieneko who I will say was not as strong as the other men. I have seen video of Vestris with Barishnikov and feel that this performance of it lacked depth. I loved the Ashton piece and think that David Halberg has an amazing line and visually is very expressive". I loved the duet by Roland Petit. Danced by Matvienko and Halberg. I had not planned to go and got a ticket at the last minute as well as a backstage pass. Desmond Richardson performed in the version I saw and he is also a force to watch. Its interested that he looks 6'3" on stage and is not nearly that tall in person.
  4. I saw it twice in Los Angeles during the run. I enjoyed it very much. I thought Victoria was really beautiful as Cinderella. I did not enjoy Yumelias as much as I found her expression a bit forced in the "tutu" scenes. Loved the sisters and found Calvin Kitten to be quite amazing. I loved the 4 princes and the fairies variations are ingenious. Choreographically I really love the material and the music. I saw 2 different Fairy Godmothers and like Valerie the best. She had the maturity and energy for the role.
  5. I agree Helene I have had it forwarded to me dozens of times. I find the dancers to be talented but the venue exploitive. There is something discomforting about it.
  6. Thanks Peggy I already looked at that. Was hoping for some updated information.
  7. Whats happening in the fall are they going on tour and is it listed anywhere?
  8. Shanda Sawyer choreographed the piece. It was filmed in LA. They used local dancers ballet and contemporary people. Good cast.
  9. I have seen her several times this season and she will be missed. She is still so vibrant and strong. Amazing to watch. Its hard to believe she is 42 years old. She certainly dances like a much younger woman, its amazing. Wish I could see the program. I will really miss seeing Tina LeBlanc, I have read that she loves to teach so hopefully she will pass on her wisdom to future generations of dancers, I just wish it did not have to end. Its coming up so quickly.
  10. I saw Whitney Jensen perform at YAGP and she was wearing them. It made her foot look strange because the underside of the foot did not correspond with the top of the foot.
  11. My fears and predictions have just all been confirmed in reading this thread
  12. I think I saw pics of him dancing with Morphesis (Christopher Weeldons company) if anyone else has more information I would love to know.
  13. Memo

    Michele Wiles

    reminiscent of Fonteyn.
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