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  1. The last people I heard of this happening to were Hübbe (pincipal in 1992), De luz (came in as a soloist in 2003), and Garcia (principal in 2007). I can't even think of when this last happened for a female dancer!
  2. I wasn't aware, but it seems like Eliza Blutt is the daughter of former NYCB dancer Margo Krody. I'm sad about Faye Arthurs! Who is the most senior Corps member now that Dronova and Arthurs are gone? Off the top of my head, I am thinking possibly Likolani Brown?
  3. wonderwall

    Joy Womack

    In her newest vlog (How To Read the Signs that it's Time to Move On), she seems like she wants to move on but is still holding onto the Kremlin at the same time. She also talks about how was has been treated there since she got back. It honestly just doesn't seem to be a good fit, but I can understand wanting to feel safe and not risking losing a job in Moscow.
  4. Do you all think they will be adding more O/O and decrease the number of shows each does or eliminate other O/Os to make room for any new additions?
  5. According to her instagram, Laracey broke her foot performing.
  6. wonderwall

    Joy Womack

    I just watched a new video from her ("Detox from RU"), and she stated she doesn't think she will be going back to the Kremlin when rehearsals start in August.
  7. I agree with all the praise for Laracey and hope she gets the promotion that she deserves. With Krohn and Scheller leaving, I am crossing my fingers! Putting my bias for her aside, of all the soloists, I think she is the only one who is ready to be promoted. The others who will likely get there one day (Phelan, Woodward, maybe Gerrity) are still new soloists and need time to develop. Definitely Isaacs as well, but I feel like she also needs more time. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like she has often been out for injuries in the past year or two. LeCrone has a unique look and seems like she could take over long-legged principal roles like Agon, but with Kowroski and Reichlen, there doesn't seem to be much need. Also a doubter about Lowery and King. Regardless, best wishes to Krohn! Very exciting she will stay in the NYCB family!
  8. Any idea on when the recipients of the Mae L. Wien awards are announced?
  9. Week five casting is up. http://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB_Casting_May-16-21-2017_lobby.pdf
  10. Is Georgina Paz back for good, or is she just taking time off from Cats? Also, I will be interested in how heavily attended the Here Now festival is...
  11. Such great news! I was surprised not to see Maxwell and Kretzschmar on the list, but I agree they will be soon as well. My only wish would be Ashley Laracey promoted to principal.
  12. Sounds like LaFreniere was great! Did anybody get a chance to see her?
  13. I am glad Kretzschmar is back as Sugarplum and will be excited to hear how LaFreniere performs as Dewdrop! I believe most of last year's debuts for Sugarplum were the week of Christmas, so it will be interesting to see if they are saving Sugarplum debuts post-Christmas this year.
  14. I also adore Laracey as Dewdrop and Sugarplum. Her Marzipan is excellent as well. Any thoughts on how many debuts there may be this year and who they may be? Also, were any apprentices taken in right before Nutcracker this year?
  15. Second week of casting is up. You can access both weeks here: http://www.nycballet.com/casting/default.aspx
  16. Casting for November 25-27th Nutcracker shows are up. A few apprentices and debuts! http://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB-Casting_Nov-25-27,-2016_lobby.pdf
  17. Based on the programs, one of the new apprentices is Claire Von Enck's sister. You can see her picture and biography from her winning the Mae L. Wein award: https://sab.org/news_events/the_mae_l_wien_awards/2016_wien_awards.php If she gets accepted into the company, there will be another pair of siblings!
  18. I agree about Gordon, Woodward, Phelan, and Maxwell being promoted soon. Although not likely to be promoted as soon as those previously mentioned, I wonder if Claire Kretzschmar and Kristen Segin are headed for more featured roles (and promotions down the line). I feel as though I've seen both casted in more performances since the latter half of last season.
  19. According to Faye Arthurs' blog, corp members Lara Tong and Dana Jacobson retired (they have also been removed from the list on NYCB's website). She also wrote that Gwyneth Muller started an arts administration program at Yale. http://www.thoughtsfromthepaint.com/thoughts/season-kickoffs-and-free-agents
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