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  1. The Vaganova graduation doesn't look like a student performance at all. It often looks more like a world class company performance. The corps dancing is so coordinated, I honestly think they sometimes outshine the Mariinski corps. My all-time favourite Vaganova graduation performance was Laurencia in 2015, with Renata Shakirova as Laurencia and Olga Makarova's sublime character role. I've never seen anything like it. With such great recent perfomances there must be a lot of pressure for next year.
  2. I agree he certainly is a strong personality. But I must say he has done a wonderful job at the Vaganova school.
  3. Eleonora has just confirmed she will be joining the Bolshoi.
  4. It has just been confirmed that Sevenard has been hired by the Bolshoi. She was offered a position at the Mariinsky as well but she turned it down. Bolshoi really seems to be attracting the Vaganova gems.
  5. According to the instagram page she has now started treatment in Germany. Meanwhile, fundraising continues to cover for her treatment costs. Former Mariinsky dancer Keenan Kampa has set up a gofundme account for Karina. I think it's good for anyone who wants to help but feels a bit uncomfortable about making direct transfers to Russia. https://www.gofundme.com/help-karina-soldatova
  6. There is an instagram page created for her at https://www.instagram.com/help_karina_soldatova and it has just been updated with the following message: DEAR FRIENDS! There are no words enough to express gratitude for the prompt reaction and attention to Karina's situation! Your reaction is a true, sincere support, which gives strength and hope. Within a few days we have collected a substantial aid for Karina: charity events from the St. Petersburg company (Engineering group Stroyproyekt) have been organized, some people have transferred large sums on Karina's treatment. By now THE INVOICE (€160 000) BY KLINIKUM AUGSBURG - IS PAID!!!Now we are waitng for results of CHEMOTHERAPY AND BONE-MARROW TRANSPLANTATION. By results of this treatment we will be able to understand what to do next: plan of treatment and possible expenditure. As far as possible we will let you know about Karina's condition. This is wonderful news. I'm not sure if they are still taking in donations. The battle with cancer can be long one, and more treatment will most likely be needed later on. I trust that they will keep us informed if more funds are needed.
  7. I made a small donation with paypal and it was very easy. Just choose "make a payment" then "pay family or friends" and then use the email address above ^ to find Karina's account and choose your donation sum (and add a message if you want to) and send it. The paypal transaction cost is low compared to other services, so even small sums can be sent with it.
  8. Thank you for the update, so glad to hear she is doing better!
  9. She seems to be blossoming at Bolshoi Here is a video of her dancing the sapphire fairy role in sleeping beauty.
  10. Balletfreak

    Miko Fogarty

    This is something I've been wondering about too. Both Miko and Juliet are lovely talented dancers with excellent technique, but they seem to be more into solos and galas and promoting themselves online than securing a career in a prestigious theather. I wonder what they plan to do in the long run.
  11. Olga Makarova's dancing in Laurencia was absolutely sublime. I hope to see more of her in the future.
  12. I too have been puzzled with the choices made during the past two years. I'm still upset about Zhiganshina choosing Bolshoi over Mariinsky, she was such a joy to watch. It really seems like the main Mariinsky selection criteria is currently having a tall, extremely thin body type, hyper-extended feet and crazy extension. Artistry, acting skills, musicality and expression don't seem to be held very important. It's such a pity. Ballet is not a sport. Mariinsky stills have some gems though. Tereshkina is great, Vishneva, Lopatkina too. But Skorik as a PRINCIPAL dancer? Shakirova is gorgeous in my opinion, and I'm happy to see this recent Vaganova graduate dancing principal role in Nutcracker and DQ.
  13. Ksenia danced the peasant pas de deux in Giselle a few days ago. I wish we could get more videos of her!
  14. It would be interesting to know what terms are generally offered to top graduates? I know that Vishneva (her graduate profile being very similar to Zhiganshinas) was promoted to principal within just one year after joining the company...but did she still first join as a corps de ballet member? As for Ksenias weight gain, I honestly didn't even notice it myself. She is still very petite.
  15. Originally Zhiganshina expressed she was very keen on staying in St. Petersburg and dancing with Mariinsky after graduation. She said that in an interview http://www.worldartstoday.com/dance/russias-newest-rising-star/ The article also quotes Fateyev saying he plans to hire Ksenia in the Mariinsky for soloist work "for solo parts in Sleeping beauty, Bayadere and Le Corsaire. " A trial term corps de ballet offer seems like such a betrayal after all those promises... and after all the wonderful solo dancing Ksenia has already done on the Mariinsky stage. Also, Zhiganshina was scheduled to dance Queen of Dryads in Mariinsky yesterday but she was apparently replaced by Chebykina? Does anyone know why? I was so disappointed. She would have been wonderful.
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