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  1. Just finished watching 5th episode, completely devoted to the modern Russian choreography. Skylar was exceptional, totally immersed in choreography and the piece. Judges were smitten (and so was Zakharova) praising her highly over her partner (she took it very gracefully). Many (including judges) regret that Skylar does not compete; Vladimir Malakhov said that if she were competing he would give her 12 of possible 10. And praises on Russian ballet forum are equally pleasing. Many wish for her participation in the “competition”. I feel very proud of our girl, and hope that this exposure will open new prospects for Skylar. Way to go!
  2. Yesterday during his meeting with Moscow spectators at the Bakhrushin Museum David Hallberg was asked about his ABT spring season. He replied that he will be doing only two ballets: “Manon” with Isabella Boylston and “Swan Lake”. I think it is safe to assume that “Manon” is returning...
  3. I know that I might be in minority here, but I for one regret that ABT is not bringing any guest stars for the spring season. I do not think that it is very likely that TBA spots would be offered to the guests. Although there may be a common perception that guest stars take away from the home grown dancers, they also bring here wide range of styles, schooling and, on many happy occasions, brilliance of technique and artistry. This is a good opportunity for our dancers to watch, learn and broaden their horizons.
  4. Have anyone attended Program C with Vishneva? Would love to know what you thought since I was not able to attend it myself.
  5. I would welcome new production of "La Bayadere" (do not find Makarova's one satisfying). Robbins' "Other Dancers" would be great too. Promotion to principal to Abrera, and to soloists C. Royal and A. Scott.
  6. Actually, this is Natalia Osipova's page (not "community" and not "fan" page): https://www.facebook.com/#!/natalia.osipova.18?fref=ts
  7. That and Nina's current experience with running ballet company in her native Tbilisi could score her points....
  8. Would it be fun to have Nina as a next AD?
  9. I was not able to exchange any of my tickets yesterday at the box office. Apparently, exchange is now only available to subscribers. The agent was very sympathetic and indicated that this was a relatively new ABT policy, and there were numerous complaints about it.
  10. This is perfect, thank you Amour!
  11. Hello! I have two tickets (Dress Circle, Row D, full view) for Saturday May 23rd evening Giselle (Abrera-Shklyarov-Part). If anyone is interested, please contact me. if selling tickets is not a possibility, I am hoping to exchange them at the box office. Will I be able to do that? What is your experience? Thanks!
  12. Thank you, Amour. No, I was not able to exchange tickets, but mainly for the personal reasons. My expectations are not too high about either lead, but I am in complete agreement about the corps - probably the best or one of the very best in the world. I am seeing Cinderella on its opening night, and then Chopin program on 1/24th. I am certain that I will find these performances very enjoyable.
  13. Just found a couple of YT video clips of the latest Skorik/Parish performance. She is quite nice; not sure about his partnering though... http://youtu.be/DX5MlH6Cudg http://youtu.be/3tHLAhxlcu0
  14. I second Mimsyb. I do not see Sarah as a principal material. I watched her over the years but did not see a real development.
  15. Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, this is my only SL. I will try to exchange for Kondaurova's performance (I am not in town for Tereshkina and Lopatkina's nights). I have a feeling (somewhat confirmed by YT clips) that Skorik / Parish pairing would be a disappointment. I do not understand why does Mariinsky bring on tours performers who are not ready for the "prime time" when company has so many first rate dancers (Novikova, for one, would be a joy to behold).
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