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  1. Amour, calm down. I think "People do not like Hee Seo" is too much. Some people liked her performance including my friends who often go to see ballets. Certainly my friends said that Seo was not "marvelous" and had several points to improve on both dancing and acting, but her innocent and fragile atomosphere was charming and was very suit Juliet. Of course it depends on the person's taste.
  2. Thank you for your reply, abatt and aurora. Certainly Marcelo sometimes seems to save his power probably thinking about his rest schedule in MET. I wont' complain to him, because he has always hard schedule. And as aurora says, he knows how he dances wonderfully in any conditions. My friends were totally moved by Wednesday's Seo/Gomes. (But that is the reason why I love to see him on the tours out of MET... he always seems to be at top his games and doesn't look to be troubled by schedule.)
  3. I think Gillian is the best who can replace Vishneva. I saw Marcelo and Gillian danced Balcony PdD in Japnan tour's Gala last year, that was undoubtedly stellar and the hightlights of the night. Their strong technique and chemistry was just breathtaking. However Kaysta's report of reaction of Osipova fans is very interesting. Hee Seo may become a good Juliet when she dance with Marcelo. My friends who attended at Wednesday's performance completely satisfied with Marcelo especially after Balcony PdD. So it sounds odd rumor that he got tired in the role.
  4. I saw Marcelo's Carabosse in LA. Honestly, I thougt that the role is a totally waste of him though he acted well. Carabosse is a just funny old witch, that's all. It doesn't require dedicate meanings and nuances. I much prefer to Prince role for him. Ratmansky reduced Prince' dancing part, so emphasizing of each scene's meaning depends on dancer's skill. His expression skill seems to suit such role rather than Carabosse.
  5. I saw Vishneva/Gomes SB in LA. They were so brilliant and superb. Their chemistry was really moving and especially Gomes' interpretation was very convincing -- not a boring young man, but a romantic prince who looked for a true love(I wonder why no one discuss about interpretations in this board). Vishneva was so strong and her Rose Adagio was secure. I also saw Hee Seo's Aurora and her technique was far behind Vishneva, as we all know. Gomes' brise vole was flawless and joyful, and his beautiful one-hand-catch of fish dive was just jaw-dropping. So I recommend their SB unless they got inju
  6. California, thank you for your reply. I haven't seen this "rough cut" film. I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it is released. For Marcelo tends to evaluate himself moderately, I expect he will change his mind. Naomikage, thank you for your information and opinion. The decision of Manuel Legris and Laurent Hilaire is very interesting. Maybe Marcelo thought as well. abatt, totaly agree
  7. Gomes said last year in an interview that he could no longer do Bayadere. I'm afraid he'll be "retiring" many other roles in the next few years. Sorry California, it sounds a bit strange for me. If you know, please tell me the source of Marcelo's interview. I saw his all performances of "Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake" in Tokyo last year. He danced the Swan/Stranger role seven times, almost every other day. However, far from getting tied, his dancing grew stronger and more beautiful. The Swan/Stranger role is much harder than Bayadere. I had never seen his such unlimited strength in MET seaso
  8. I totally agree with you, terrynyc!! And the theme you and California are talking about, ABT's DVD-problem, is just that I'm always worried about.
  9. Thank you for your review to the performance of Sat evening in detail, terrynyc. I'm very interested in what you pointed out to the two dancer's defferenct interpretations of Siegfried. I saw Marcelo's Siegfried several times, so let me add more information to his acting. Marcelo's Siegfried showed dramatic growth through all the Acts. At the beginning of Act1, he was still somewhat juvenile. He was absorbed in his Birthday-present, crossbow like a today's young man, who got a new model gizmo. He was very satisfied with his small circumstances --- his friends and arms. However, since his m
  10. Just for information about Hallberg's entrachat six. I saw his Albrecht in October 2013 with Tokyo Ballet, at that time he did not to entrachat six, but do the brises. He danced very beautifully as an aristocratic Albrecht, though there were certain problems of his upper body (ex. His supporting seemed not ot be floating his Giselle in the air).
  11. I think nobody says only Vishneva/Gomes are good dancers. Acctually, they have outstanding artistries and they are great dancers in the whole world, not only in ABT. They are in another lebel. However, this fact does not deny that others are good dancers. It is very important that ABT give more opportunities to other good dancers. It is also important not to make the worldwide great dancers overwork and exhaust their talent. For example, Gomes is allrounder - he can dance most main roles wonderfully. But that is abused by ABT like a workhorse.
  12. I attended Friday's evening, Saturday's matinee and evening. I enjoyed all performances! I have seen the Royal's performance danced by Cojocaru and Kobborg. I do love the choreography. Most impressive Cinderella was Xorama Rayes, and most impressive prince was Marcelo Gomes. Julie was weak at one pointe-standing. She struggled some points even supported by Gomes. However, she could do many turns helped by her prince, and had fragile beauty as Cinderella. Her port de bras was fluid and expressive. Rayes's dancing was so strong, charming and really commanding. Above all, incredibly high sp
  13. I totally agree with bingham. His technique, emotional expressiveness, and the magical chemistry with ballerinas are a big legacy of ballet world. Why, why ABT won't publish his performances to DVD?? I saw Gomes & Vishneva's "La Bayadere" in Tokyo in 2012. That was beyond words... absolutely perfect. There were many famous ballet dancers among the audiences -- Vladimir Malakhov, Manuel legris, Patrick de Bana, and so on, because "World Ballet Festival" that gathered whole world's top ballet dancers was held in Tokyo at that time. Marcelo seemed to be so excited and enthusiastic to da
  14. I attended at 5/16's and 5/17's evening shows. I really enjoyed both performances, but especially 5/17 evening !! That was magic. 5/16 Paloma Herrera and Ivan Vasiliev Paloma Herrera was still most charming as Kitri! When she appeared, she stole the stage. Her balance keeps were very well, andjumps were sharp and high. Ivan Vasiliev gave very high and tricky jumps(ex. suddenly opened his legs in the air).That was worth seeing. In solos, he showed off himself thrillingly. The audience applauded loudly to him. However, I did not find love between them not at all. It's the most disappointing p
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