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  1. "Agon" as well as "Symphony in C" and "Mozartiana", which formed Balanachine tripple-bill in the Bolshoi, was exiled from the repertory after the change of the administration in the autumn 2000. Eifman's "Russian Hamlet" had the same fate. So two really succesful major roles, performed by Alexandrova, are stored now.
  2. It's true that Masha Alexandrova was only nominated for the Golden Mask and never got it since the administration of the Bolshoi was not willing to show the ballet at the Golden Mask Festival (which is obligatory to participate in the competition). As a result both "Pharaoh's Daughter" and Masha were stroke off the list of the nominees. Now Alexandrova is preparing the leading part (Aspiccia) in the same ballet. Her debut is scheduled for twenty something of March. Since Aspiccia has a lot of rather difficult and diverse dancing in this old-new ballet, it is a great chance for a young balleri
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