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Elena Bivona (popularlibrary)

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I was informed by her brother that Elena Bivona, popularlibrary here on BalletTalk, has recently passed away. She wrote for Ballet Review and for many years was the director of the Popular Library in midtown Manhattan.


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This is the second time I know from someone on this board passing away. I feel sad...One doesn't seet he faces behind the words so often, but connection and affection happens...

Miss. Bivona, may you rest in peace. My sincere condolences to her family and friends .

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I, too, will miss her voice and her insights. Thank you, emilienne, for informing us.

I remember popularlibrary's first appearances on Ballet Talk and have always read what she posted carefully and with pleasure. We had a number of experiences in common, including having attended NYCB before the move to the State Theater. There's always a bond among those of us who remember those days.

Popularlibrary was one of those members who made me feel especially grateful to be a part of the ongoing Ballet Talk conversation.

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what a shock.

i wish i'd known EB was BT's popularlibrary so i could have re-acquainted myself w/ her.

she knew e.gorey before i did and i knew her through him, when she was still living in queens.

she was a HUGE mcbride fan and then became quite taken w/ bruce lee and his movies.

arlene croce's BALLET REVIEW published her essays, a good number of them, some on lee's kung-fu flics. one was a positive assessment of THE GOLDBERG VARIATIONS (Robbins) which croce didn't much care for, but thought she'd like to read a well argued piece on the ballet by someone who did, so she asked EB to write an essay about the ballet.

i had long wondered what became of her.

now i know, too late.

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