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  1. I went to St Petersburg a few years ago during June (via rail from Beijing). The three of us spoke maybe thirty words of Russian among us (the travel guide saw fit to inform us that "nice arse" is "klassnaya popka" in Russian, so that's space in my brain that I'll never get back). If you have a fairly good map and some help from a concierge or travel service, such as from some of the English speaking hostels (if you're looking for something low key), the city is very navigable on foot or via the metro. We were able to order Mariinsky tickets online and picked them up at the theater with the c
  2. Also the German video of Symphony of C, fourth movement (and possibly La Valse in that same series). Also the Rubies 'tall girl' in the truncated Rubies presented on a 70s video of ballet (title to be determined when I find my list) with text written by Arlene Croce.
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