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  1. Wednesday, January 17

    Reviews of the English National Ballet. The Financial Times The Daily Telegraph
  2. Wednesday, January 17

    A story on Joburg Ballet's new CEO and her plans for the company.
  3. Wednesday, January 17

    Terry Teachout writes on George Balanchine, Sex Predator fo×r Commentary.
  4. Tuesday, January 16

    Atlanta Ballet looks to schedule performances at a brand-new venue.
  5. Tuesday, January 16

    An interview with Raven Wilkinson and Misty Copeland.
  6. Tuesday, January 16

    A preview of Ballet Vero Beach's new program.
  7. Wednesday, January 17

    Columbia Classical Ballet presents its annual gala.
  8. Which dancer do you most wish you'd seen live?

    Josette, Adele Astaire was one of the biggest stage stars of the 20s, at a time when being a star of the theater was of a much higher magnitude than the designation means now, and the central attraction of the brother-and-sister double act, although Fred was indeed singled out for his virtuoso moves even then. So there’s no question of “what might have been” – Adele was. She was also regarded as the greater natural talent, as pherank said. I love him, too.
  9. Monday, January 15

    A review of Miami City Ballet by Sean Erwin for danceviewtimes.
  10. Monday, January 15

    Roberto Bolle shoots an ad campaign with Kendall Jenner.
  11. Tuesday, January 16

    Alexei Ratmansky sets his "Romeo and Juliet" on the Bolshoi.
  12. Are there ballets that should no longer be staged?

    Or to put it another way – ballet companies may realize that there are things in work X that are embarrassingly offensive and which they would rather not present regardless of whether their audience is particularly alert to the offense, and try to acknowledge and address those problems.
  13. Degas

    Thanks for the quote. I am reminded of the initial critical reaction to Degas' "Little Dancer":
  14. Saturday, January 13

    A review of Ballet am Rhein in “Stravinsky Violin Concerto,” “Roses of Shadow,” and “Polish Pieces by Ilona Landgraf in her blog, "Landgraf on Dance."
  15. Saturday, January 13

    A review of the English National Ballet by Sara Veale for DanceTabs.
  16. Monday, January 15

    Peter Martins pleads not guilty to a DWI charge.
  17. Monday, January 15

    Wayne Sleep experiences a moment of discomfiture on "Celebrity Big Brother."
  18. Monday, January 15

    Ballet Tucson and Chita Rivera will participate in the Tucson Desert Song Festival's celebration of Leonard Bernstein's centennial year.
  19. Monday, January 15

    Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy faces a drop in enrollment after sexual misconduct charges against its director.
  20. Monday, January 15

    An interview with former ballet dancer Emily Ramirez.
  21. Are there ballets that should no longer be staged?

    I'd like to think that Ratmansky has better things to do with his time, but it's his call.
  22. Are there ballets that should no longer be staged?

    I share some of your concerns, but I question whether eliminating the distressing and retrograde spectacle of little children capering in blackface will slide us down that alleged slope that rapidly. I do not know of anyone proposing to ban Mozart, for example. And if it does come down to, "well, we just can't do X ballet any more in its entirety," some may choose to go that route. Others may choose to put the ballet on. This is in no way equivalent to state-sponsored censorship, it seems to me. I also question respectfully the implication of transience or even frivolousness in references to "changing tastes," when discussing concerns and issues that are largely the result of momentous changes in our society such as the civil rights movement.
  23. Thanks, DanielBenton. I have not heard Wang. Do you think she has a particular affinity for any one composer?
  24. Winter 2018

    My guess is that everyone has a stake in rallying around the flag to demonstrate that the company remains in solid shape and is dancing well, at least in the short run. In the longer term, yes, uncertainty is not good.
  25. Are there ballets that should no longer be staged?

    It isn't just the romanticizing of prostitution and female masochism and self-sacrifice, although I can understand that might be enough for some. Marguerite is systematically humiliated throughout the piece. I'll always love the music, but it is not easy to watch. (This is particularly evident in the ballet versions, because we are constantly shown the ballerina flinging herself, or being flung down at, the feet of some man or other. At least Garbo mostly stayed upright.) Agreed. And maybe that would work well - performances of the opera would be limited to special occasions for special singers. Everybody wins, including Verdi.