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  1. What was the commentary in survival of fittest or holocaust? how did it compare to that Light holocaust ballet? excelsior had a slave whip within commentary
  2. Vs1

    Petipa Gala

    Why is Apollo in a nuryevev gala with his Sb and dq
  3. Vs1

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Cuban I counted 34-38 and the woman next to me said 42 but she is incorrect. Faux pas they added music this time which someone confirmed After the trip seen onstage in act two, someone saw from the side her fall on her face when she was backstage. The thud was enormous and worrisome. He continued without interruption. In act 1 she didn't jump the second time in the vertical lift so he didn't lift her at all. She also did not bump hard into bathilde and act startled but rather ran to her mother after a tap of the nobles and seemed almost unaware of them rather than frazzled as usual. he varied the interpretation in act one too being less worried about nobles and being caught , and more involved with her mad scene and remembrance, moving upstage with her. That conveyed more regret or compassion. hee said goodbye to him on media and many said he is not returning. I feared that but it was not the impression I got. nothing special marked his anniversary but he took a longer solo bow and why are you abandoning us canbelto? by the way, where can I get a pair of borzoi?
  4. Vs1

    John Neumeier

    I saw L Laccara in a segment of a version of dame aux camillias that was credited to someone named Ivan. Does anyone know if this is a suite or full ballet and who choreographed it.
  5. Vs1

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Don't know why you say this. Inner aisle end row seats, at row g or other rows, are good. Much open space to see or maneuver. Outer aisle ( end of row) , even row a , have stage cut off. heads a problem anywhere except row a, of any section, and sometimes still then, if at end of row.
  6. Compare the answer to "how are you" and see if one smiles. Or see if or how one comments on one's bodily functions or appearance.
  7. Can't someone compare a press kit
  8. Vs1

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Faux pas we all must make sacrifices sometimes . Lol. Less than half of his partners merit his services or my money.
  9. Vs1

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Faux pas , doesn't he always start low and then pump up? I counted 32to34 and only once have I seen more and I've seen his Giselle dozens of times. The two press lifts were stronger than before, too. And he wasn't exhausted in the fall scene as usual. The strength was greater but less emotion. The music was off, though.
  10. Vs1

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Child of the air?
  11. Competing with dance company nonprofits
  12. Vs1

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Going tonight so have to take care of the Stella Gis tix in advance while in the city . Any suggestions? Already seeing two other Gis, bay, harleqinade , Afterite unfortunately with firebird again, whip c Cant see another abt Rj sl dq with this casting unless indications on replacements
  13. Why ? she's supposedly dead under suspicious circumstances . Is that better than suicide?