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  1. I'm sad about Morgann Rose. I haven't seen her dance much but I loved her in Tharp's Sinatra piece. She was fiery and sassy and really got Tharp -- by far my favorite dancer in the piece.
  2. I haven't seen this program (yet -- perhaps I might grab a ticket for tomorrow's mat), but I've been feeling this way for the last two programs (Forsythe/Peck/Kylian and Allegro Brillante/Seven Sonatas/Sinatra). One the one hand, I like that the Washington Ballet is moving in new direction and bringing mixed bills from a variety of choreographers to DC. We mostly get full lengths at the Kennedy Center. On the other hand, Washington is not far from NY and this programming feels (and IMO is danced) like ABT-lite. I understand Julie Kent had very little time to design the season and while I appreciate the dancing I was not exceedingly impressed. I miss how innovative and different the programming for the Washington Ballet was under Webre. This feels like an extended ABT fall season instead of something all its own.
  3. That's exactly what they do in Eisenhower. Last year I asked the box office about whether Suzanne Farrell would have live music before buying tickets and they looked at the seating chart to answer. Also looking forward to more live music at WB performances!
  4. I agree. I generally like the Classic NYCB programs that have this mix. I remember seeing Walpurgisnacht, 4Ts and Everywhere We Go on the same program. It was great!
  5. https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/SubscriptionDocuments/Fall18-RepCalendar.pdf https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/SubscriptionDocuments/Winter18-RepCalendar.pdf https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/SubscriptionDocuments/Spring18-RepCalendar.pdf Please let me know if they no longer work.
  6. Hah! This must be true. I now live in DC and subscribed to the New Yorker a few months ago (they targeted me with an offer of 12 issues for $6. How could I refuse?). I would appreciate more dance coverage as well.
  7. I'm confused -- the link to both Suzanne Farrell and ABT have Opera House as the location.
  8. Does WB ever release casting before the performance? Edit: In addition to providing a lovely review of the preview, you also stated casting! So thank you. Also I need to read better. In any case, is casting publicly available pre-performance/where can I find it is perhaps a much better question.
  9. Thank you for your review! It sounds like a wonderful program. I wonder if the blonde was apprentice Emma von Enck, sister of Claire (a corps dancer). She was very cute in that specific role last fall.
  10. Thank you for this illuminating answer. And thank you Canbelto too -- I should watch that series again.
  11. I don't know if this was common knowledge but I just read this article from last November: http://deadline.com/2016/11/new-york-times-wall-street-journal-entertainment-coverage-staff-as-print-ads-vanish-1201850080/. Situation at the Times' Arts section is worse than I thought.
  12. I have a few wonkish questions that I hope someone won't mind answering! 1) Do the recently promoted soloists still dance their corps roles for the final week of this season or will they be replaced? 2) I sometimes notice a soloist dance a role that I thought was for senior corps. For example, the demis in T&V. Are these actually soloist roles that senior corps typically dance? Thanks!
  13. It's really weird, I agree. At the same time, I haven't seen an NYCB review in the New York Times in a long time. I've seen a lot of puff pieces on the other hand. While I appreciate learning about the character of Aurora, for example, I prefer ballet criticism.
  14. I believe he is per his instagram.
  15. I think Laracey does have the wow factor in certain roles. I saw her at the Kennedy Center dance both Ash and the Infernal Machine the same night. She was stunning in the Infernal Machine -- so much that I was shocked it was the same dancer in both roles. She was a last minute sub for Isaacs in Ash but was scheduled for it later that week. In other news, Megan Fairchild was a perfect Aurora and just thought I should share =). She really projected her dancing.