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New NYCB apprentices and corps members

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No, what I meant is that Albert Evans has always been underused by the NYCB. He's a principal, but has never gotten the attention, exposure, and roles offered to other principals.

Where is Evans in Apollo, Evans in Prodigal Son?

Granted, Evans has a more modern style and body than some other NYCB dancers - he's not a Royal Danish type. Even so, the man can do more than just Diamond project ballets and Arthur Mitchell's part in Agon.

Evans is one of my favorite dancers and frankly, I think he has wasted much of his career in a company that rarely gave him a chance.

As for the up-and-coming dancers, I wish them well. None are above corps level, although I hear Craig Hall is talented. I sincerely hope that he is NOT just being groomed to take over what seems to be the company's token black principal spot - and Arthur Mitchell's part in Agon.

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Guest balletstar456

As for Albert, he's such an amazing dancer and watching himI literally get chills down my spin. I had to great satisfaction of seeing the newest corps de ballet members in Saratoga Springs, Ny and was in awe of Fadeley, Lecrone, Johnson, and Fairchild. These dancers have everything it takes to make it, I look forward to seeing them in great roles in the future.

The company is trying to bring in more diversity. I could not agree with kaydenmark more.....craig hall, amar ramasar have bright futures ahead of them rather in nycb or away......i wish them well, also there is jerome johnson the newest corps member, a great african-american dancer. I spotted him in the corps of theme&variations and his bravura amazed me , he's one to watch. I heard he is a princess grace award winner, is this true??

Aesha Ash? Whats going to happen to her? She's so beautiful but NYCB seems not to be taking action with her? what are other peoples thoughts....she is a gorgeous dancer!

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I've also been delighted with Jerome Johnson's dancing! He and Megan LeCrone are both from the NC School of the Arts, and have danced together in competitions and performances. Johnson received a Princess Grace Foundation scholarship in 2000 and was a Prix De Lausanne finalist the following year. If I'm not mistaken, he was only at SAB for a short time before becoming an apprentice and never was in one of the annual workshops.

Aesha Ash has been given some good opportunities by NYCB-this past season she debuted as Hippolyta in "Midsummer's" and as the female lead in the Explosions Polka section of "Vienna Waltzes". She also got great reviews in Albert Evans' Diamond project ballet. She's a good dancer, but I think perhaps not yet ready for promotion.


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Can't wait to see Johnson dance!

It's so much fun to watch dancers at the beginning of their careers, when they have so much possibility and promise. It's also a nice antidote to complaining about all the older dancers who, for one reason or another, have failed to fulfill their promise.

Ramasar really stood out at his SAB workshop, I remember, for his fine jump as well as the fact he was the only East Indian in view. I ran into him on the street the next day, handing out NYCB fliers for some extra student cash, and he was absolutely thrilled that anyone recognized him. So there are some **benefits** to being a person of color in a mostly white company!

Has he had any good parts this past season?

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