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  1. I was there on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I even liked Acheron for what it's worth. But of course Faun and La Valse were the highlights. I thought that Taylor and Marcovici were having the time of their lives, relishing the moments of their final show. Their performances were up there with their best ever. Jared Angle was the Death figure, which was probably special to them as he and Taylor came out of SAB together and danced many roles together at the beginning of their careers. The applause went on seemingly forever.......so much love and appreciation pouring
  2. just a few comments...... I agree w/ vipa that Bouder often looks smug, even conceited about her talent. I thought so all the years she was coming up, then thought I liked her better in recent years but maybe she's back to that. I admire her talent but she's one ballerina who could never make me cry or feel something deeply. Dances at a Gathering I find too long. I love the dances and I hate that my feeling at the end is relief that it is over. I would like to be left with a more pleasant feeling! If only they had cut those 15 minutes that Croce wrote about......
  3. I agree w/ Krystin. loved the ballet which was so entertaining. I would add that the pdd for Taylor & Hall was beautiful and just the right touch in the midst of all that excitement. So many curtain calls - the audience was crazy about it!
  4. Violin Concerto, I believe you are thinking of the Janice Levin Award for promising corps members. The asterisk is next to the current honoree's name. This started in 2000. See www.nycballet.com/news/press/pr112800b.html
  5. That was the lighting giving the tattoo effect. The costumes were solid colors and a very feminine look for the ladies.
  6. There's a kiss in La Valse.........see Oberon's Grove where there's a photo: http://oberon481.typepad.com/oberons_grove/2008/10/ah-quelle-est-belle.html And I believe Afternoon of a Faun has a kiss.
  7. When exactly is the Fall Season?
  8. I haven't seen the current run but I do love the ending of this production. It is very moving and it always makes me cry!
  9. just to add my two cents......I had a wonderful time at the Gala. The dancers were fresh, beautiful, and full of energy. I even enjoy the crazy mix of pieces in these galas, if only to get the opportunity to see a lot of dancers in one show. It seemed to me that everyone around me was having a great time and enjoying the show as well. I agree with others in that my favorites were The Unanswered Question (Taylor-Ulbricht) and Who Cares? (Ringer & Krohn in the finale) except for the singer I also liked the excerpt from Jazz (Kowroski-Marcovici) with the Jazz band onstage. Re: Ko
  10. She has done Russian as well. I think the * is a mistake!
  11. Thanks to all......and Leigh I will use your name if we go that route!
  12. Thanks, and that sounds like my price range exactly. Thanks for the comment on location too....that's always important!
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