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  1. Did anyone attend these performances?? Can we have a review? Thanks!!
  2. Thanks Carbro! Has anyone here seen the company perform? Where do they reherse? Just trying to do a little research and would love to hear from anyone who has seen them or worked with them!
  3. I was reading one of the topics in the links section that mentioned this company. Does anyone know anything about them?
  4. I hope anyone who goes will report back on these performances!! Anyone out there know very much about this company? Number of dancers or their backgrounds? The website doesn't go into much detail. Anything would be great!!
  5. Is it available for rental yet?
  6. Thanks so much Jack- that's exactly what i was looking for!!
  7. Is there anywhere online that lists the dancers in SF's company? I am interested in corps, soloists and principles. It's interesting to see who dances for her!
  8. Does anyone know if there is a video of Balanchine's Rubies available anywhere? I would love to find a copy of it!
  9. Does anyone know anything about when tickets will be available? Where to get them?
  10. Would anyone tell me where I could find a list of the casting for these performances, including the corps des ballet? Or would someone mind posting? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know if standing room tickets are usually sold for the ABT gala? And are they still only $20 or $25???
  12. Well thanks Glebb, any information helps! Do you know much about Patti Cantwell and the other director (who I believe is her husband)? Are they good teachers/coaches? I am looking into many different companies but I really want to go someplace where I will have the opportunity to really continue improving!! Thanks!
  13. Is anyone familar with this company? I don't know much about it other than what I saw on the website. If anyone knows anything about the company...dancers, directors, school etc. I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!
  14. oberon, What is the policy on attending only act 2 of the performances? Is there a special ticket or something?
  15. Thanks for the review!!! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling which company members danced the other lead parts. I know some people who dance there and I was just curious!!!! It's a shame that the production didn't look better, a lot of companies seem to be using more and more students for corps work now!! Cheap labor!!!
  16. Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know if the new director plans to expand the company at all??
  17. Can anyone tell me which dancers were listed as apprentices in the programs during the City Center run? Just curious!! Thanks
  18. Not sure if I am posting this in the appropriate forum...feel free to move it!!! I am just doing a little research on smaller companies and I came across the Ballet Theater of Maryland. I know a lot of people here are from the Washington DC area so I was wondering if any of you knew anything about this company? Any info would be great!!!
  19. This really does sound wonderful!! If I may ask, what is the age range of these dancers and were they taken from the WBS or WBS Summer Program?
  20. I think she is one of the easiest dancers to pick out of the corps...becuase of those feet!!!!! They are quite long!!!! But nice, good arch. She is not one of my favorites in the classical ballets but she does have a nice jump and a nice attack.
  21. I had actually been thinking the same thing!!! I know that last year Michele Wiles seemed to have a lot more opportunity for the big leading roles but that was also because Irina D was injured and not dancing. I really think Michele is a beautiful dancer and I have enjoyed seeing her in the roles she has performed this season but I do wish she could have done more. There was no promotion either :-(. All in good time I'm sure!!!
  22. kiki


    Two of my friends are competing together so I hope to go and see them. I don't have much information yet about when exactly they will be dancing. I know that the dancers are already rehersing and very tired!!! They have long days!! When I find out more I will try and post for you. Are you going to be attending?
  23. I was there as well. I liked Vishneva, she sure has long limbs...especially those arms!!! I thought she was beautiful but I also agree with sneds about Malakhov. He is such a beautiful dancer that sometimes he is almost to beautiful and I wish he could be more strong and masculine. I did notice a few uncomfortable looking moments for him in the pas as well. I think he is a wonderful dancer but sometimes I don't really like him in the leading man roles. I did really enjoy David Hallberg's performance...I think in a few years he will make a nice Romeo himself!!! I also enjoyed Carmen Corella, Michele Wiles and Kristi Boone as the Three Harlots, they really seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. The only other criticism I can make was that I thought that Juliet's friends were looking a little ragged last night especially in the bedroom dance. I saw a different cast last week that was much cleaner. Oh well!! I was glad to have been able to be there!!
  24. I was given a ticket to matinee performance of Don Q yesterday so I can give you a little info bingham. Carmen Corella did a nice job as the Queen of the Dryads...she had a little bit of trouble with the italian fouettes at the end of her variation but she managed to finish nicely. What I did notice that was very nice was how light she was on her feet when coming out of jumps. A lot of times at the Met I hear a lot of noise when the dancers come through their pointe shoes!! Yeah Carmen!! Amour was danced by Anne Milewski and I thought she performed well also, I think the audience really enjoyed her, she was very charming!! Overall I thought it was a good performance. I try to watch the dancers and look for qualities I can bring into my own dancing and I really admire Irina's attack and flair. She really goes for it and I love that!! I also loved the way she used the fan in the fouette section of the coda...very exciting!!!
  25. I attended Friday night's performance of La Bayadere with Julie Kent as Nikiya, Ethan Stiefel as Solar and Irina Dvorovenko as Gamzatti. Overall it was a very good performance, however I have seen Julie Kent look stronger. Her por des bras and expression were beautiful as usual but she just seemed a little shaky during some of the variations. She was still wonderful though. I was really impressed with Irina Dvorovenko's performance. At times she is almost too flashy but she really goes for it and I admire her attack. This was the best I've seen her!!! Ethan Stiefel also performed well. The corps generally looked good with a few shakes and wobbles here and there but overall looked well rehersed and clean. Natalia Makarova was also in attendence!!!
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