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ABT 2022: Of Love and Rage

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36 minutes ago, AB'sMom said:

Maybe ABT needs to follow the European example and have more than three main levels of dancers. There are soloists on track to be principal dancers, but others who are kind of clogging up the pipeline. I don’t mean that to sound as rude as it does. I just mean that there could be a category for dancers like Zhurbin and Paris, and another for dancers who are expected to continue to principal.

It's a good idea, but creating another level wouldn't create more money — and I imagine that would be the primary thing preventing more promotions. (I don't think there'd be another strong reason to cap the number of soloists. If they wanted to have some soloists like Zhurbin and Paris, and then a bunch of others who seem more like they're moving up, they could do that with just the existing three levels, couldn't they?)

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