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Eva Sergeyenkova

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She's on her way, in my opinion, to being one of the world's great ballerinas, so I would like to start her own topic.

"Heart-Touching Expression" 

This is how I have her footnoted on my video list.

Saturday afternoon and again Sunday afternoon at the Bolshoi Theater, she performed Swan Lake. Her partners were Artem Ovcharenko and Semyon Chudin. A video clip has been posted of her White Swan duet along with some other very brief ones. (Thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie for finding the source). 

Once again she was quite remarkable. 

At 18 years old, still in the Bolshoi Corps de Ballet, she debuted her Swan Lake, January 14, with Artemy Belyakov. 

About a week later she was promoted to First Soloist.

A discussion about her at Ballet Alert! was started here (beginning at January 15) :


Her dramatic and artistic maturity are truly remarkable for her very young age. Her artistic future will hopefully be equally remarkable to follow.

Added: After more viewing of her White Swan duet I'm noticing a wonderful ability to create shapes and motion. What could easily become highly exaggerated is somehow formed into totally one-of-a-kind imagery of outstanding creation. 


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I guess that the main comment that I can make, when descriptions seem limiting, is about how many times I actually watch a filmed performance and how it makes me feel.

At the moment I'm riveted to Eva Sergeyenkova's White Swan duet. I've watched it over ten times.

One thing that's special is that I consider this duet to be the 'essence' of the entire work when the Mariinsky performs it. When the Bolshoi performs it, it remains very important, but it also seems part of a continuum, of a complete story being told. In Eva Sergeyenkova's interpretation, more like the Mariinsky's, it seems to be the essence. It stands alone as the overriding statement.

I sometimes try not to define this sort of thing, because I've then committed myself to a description that I feel compelled to stand by. For the moment, I feel that Eva Sergeyenkova is growing so fast artistically that yesterday's comments and yesterday's performances just aren't as important. Also, there's always the new insights and the new effects of the layers of things that she's doing.

So I can write a few comments about what I currently see and feel, but keeping in mind that by tomorrow she may have moved on. In this White Swan duet what remains dominant for me is her intentional structuring of images. She amplifies them. She sometimes takes them to their physical limits, but for the purpose of conveying something deeply felt. I also notice her ability to reach out to her physical and expressive boundaries and then snap back to a more centered place, a place of calm and embrace. In addition, she has an inner 'soulfulness' and an inner searching for substance and a way to express all this.

Most important is her remarkable, beautiful and 'soulful' ability to accomplish what she does.


Added: Semyon Chudin, her partner, seems as sensitively attuned as I've ever seen him.



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About two weeks ago she performed Diamonds with Semyon Chudin. I've watched a video clip quite a few times.

What continues to be most impressive is her outstanding maturity and her dramatic nuancing, both emotionally and physically. That she can create such developed characters and imagery at her very young age is almost amazing.

Her emotional expression is more contained than that of the closely related Olga Smirnova, whom I consider to be a reference point and standard for this kind of excellence. They also both come for very similar artistic backgrounds. 

Emotion is perhaps most noticeable in facial expression, but also in the subtleties of other physical gestures. It's more outwardly shown by Olga Smirnova in her facial expression. With Eva Sergeyenkova the physical gesturing is much more animated, but, very interestingly, the overall effect is more contained and subtle because of her dominant and, I would say brilliant, use of nuancing.

It's also impressive to observe her effect on her partners. Again I've not seen Semyon Chudin more committed. It's probably his artistic and poetic growth as well as her effect, but he seems so intuned to what she does and so committed to reinforcing, complimenting, responding to and highlighting her every gesture.   

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