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Mariinsky Legend of Love — Live Stream — Different Leads Each Act


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The performance of Legend of Love tomorrow, April 5, with a different lead in each act, except one, can be seen live on the internet at Noon (EST).

Distribution : 
Shirine : Olesya Novikova (acte I), Elena Yevseyeva (acte II), Kristina Shapran (acte III) 
Ferkhad : Timur Askerov (actes I, II), Andrei Yermakov (acte III) 
Mekhmeneh Bahnu: Ekaterina Kondaurova (acte I), Viktoria Tereshkina (acte II), Anastasia Matvienko (acte III) 
Vizir : Alexander Romanchikov 
Amis de Ferkhad : Victor Caixeta, Ramanbek Beishenaliev, Yaroslav Pushkov, Vyacheslav Gnedchik 
Or : Renata Shakirova 
Bouffon : David Zaleyev 
(Thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie)

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I missed the first half of Act I. I hope that it will be rerun. Yekaterina  Kondaurova looked quite fine. In both acts, a bit heavy on the eye makeup for the lead ballerinas, especially the eyebrows, perhaps.

In Act II, I thought that both Viktoria Tereshkina and Elena Yevseyeva had an unusually poetic restraint and loveliness for this work, that was very beautiful. Very well received by the audience.

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