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Seating at the Koch Theater

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Hey all!

I will be attending one of the performances of the NYCB's Nutcracker in a few weeks, and I am so thrilled. I have wanted to see a ballet by NYCB for ever.

I am still waiting for them to publish the casting before deciding which performance I would like to see (crossing my fingers Mearns or Peck dance on the days I'm there), but I was wondering if you guys could help me out with the Koch Theater sitting. I'm used to smaller venues (I'm a big follower of Miami City Ballet), and the Koch Theater is a lot bigger.

Do you get a good view if you sit in the back of the 2nd ring? Or is it just better to sit in front at the 3rd ring? They are about the same price; hence why I'm comparing the two. Any other seating recommendation? I read online that there is no bad seat in the house, but I figured some of you maybe had some good insights.

For some performances of MCB in Fort Lauderdale, I was sitting in the back of the mezzanine and still found I had a great view of the entire performance. I however assume this would not be the case here.

Thanks for your help!

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In my experience, the front of the Third Ring seems barely higher than the back of the Second Ring because of the set back, evén though those Rings are only five rows deep, and I would always choose the front of the Third over the back of the Second.

I hope others will weigh in.

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The Rings aren't deep, although some people feel claustrophobic in the last two rows (of five) because of the overhang of the ring above. It's more the perception of feeling as close in the front of the Third as in the back of the Second because of being forward, if a little higher. Back in the day, the seats were cheaper in the Third Ring, so that was a consideration, but now, at least for the few Nutcracker performances I glanced at, the tickets in the middle sections were $120 in both.

When I lived in NYC and had NYCB subscriptions, they were in the Fourth Ring A/B, which I really liked for ballets with patterns.

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I think most seats (even the standing seats or 5th rings if you bring your binoculars) provide a good view. If you are concerned about sound quality, just avoid the back seats with low ceilings because the orchestra does sound a bit muted in my experience.

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Thank you everyone for all the tips. I ended up purchasing the tickets, as I was worried the choice of seats would be limited if I waited too long for the casting to be published.

I'm so excited! Now I'm crossing my fingers that I will get to see a few of my favorite dancers on that day. Come oooon Peter Martins, be good to me :innocent: !

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