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Web Site Has Relaunched

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Hooray -- the POB has relaunched its Web site. Now you can actually see profile pictures and read bios for dancers below premiere rank. I wish so many of the dancers weren't wearing black in their photos, though -- it's like Dracula started a ballet company. Nevertheless, this new Web site is a big improvement over the last one. The POB is no longer in competition with ABT for the title of 'Worst Web Site' in ballet!

(I see Artur Allard is listed as Arthur Raveau. Did the programmers not get the message about the name change or did he change his name back?)

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To make the whole Arthur Raveau a.k.a. Artur Allard situation even more comical, Millepied has a picture on his Instagram feed of AR/AA (with Laura Hequet) rehearsing Opus 19. Except that the tag on the picture refers to AR/AA as PierreArthurRavaud!!!!!

The good news is that AR/AA looks like he is completely healed from his Fall injury, which forced him to miss the remainder of the 2014-15 season.

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Pierre Arthur Ravaud guested in Kyoto Ballet's Romeo and Juliet in August as Tybault and there were no signs of injury in him. Heloise Bourdon (as Juliet), Karl Paquette (Romeo), Axel Ibot (Mecutio), Yanik Bittencourt (Benvolio), Christophe Duquenne (Paris) and Monique Loudieres (Lady Capulet) also guested in this production.

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Well you can see from the costumes they are wearing that they are impersonating ballet characters: Onegin doesn't smile or Le Jeune homme!

Oh, pay me no heed. I always want everything to be like a 20th Century Fox musical from the 40s or 50s!

Will the French see Onegin and Le Jeune Homme again under Millepied? We shall see.

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