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Jennie Somogyi Will Retire Oct 11, 2015 Matinee

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I just got an e-mail from NYCB about this:

We wanted you to be among the first to know that this fall Jennie Somogyi will mark her retirement from the New York City Ballet stage at a special farewell event. On October 11 at 3 PM, NYCB will celebrate the career of this beloved principal dancer who has touched the hearts of audiences for over 20 years.

Seats for farewell performances are usually in high demand, and we would like to remind you that tickets to this event will be available for purchase on Sunday, August 2 at 12 PM when single tickets for the 2015-16 Season go on sale.

PS: I can't use any of the functions, including quote, with Internet Explorer. Things work fine with Chrome.

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Pia Catton reports in "The Wall Street Journal":


Link to the NYT article by Michael Cooper:


Somogyi is one of the rare dancers, especially female dancers, who started at SAB as children, transitioned to the Professional Division, and made it through the company's ranks. Jennie Renee Somogyi was Marie in a 1986 performance I saw of "Nutcracker."

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Very sad. Somogyi was a highly unusual combination of brilliant technical prowess (at one time she did most of the gut-cruncher roles, before her first injury) and a pensive, expressive, somewhat dark quality. In some ways, particularly when young, she strikingly resembled Kyra Nichols and had some of the same virtuosity. The company has not had anyone like her since.

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