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Ballets Français: Lifar, Babilée, Charrat

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VAI has gone digging into the archives of Canadian television for some French choreography. From the description on Amazon:

Ballets Français features some of the most important proponents of modern French dance. Legendary ballerina Alexandra Danilova stars in Mademoiselle Fifi (1955), a delightful comic piece created for her and the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. The celebrated French ballerina Violette Verdy is partnered by Scott Douglas in a poignant Romeo and Juliet (1958), choreographed by the chief architect of modern French ballet, Serge Lifar, to the music of Tchaikovsky. Two of the major French dancer-choreographers of the post-World War II era are also represented: Jean Babilée, who performs in his charming and acrobatic Balance à Trois (1965); and Janine Charrat, whose Préludes Nos. 8 & 20, set to music from Bach s Well-Tempered Clavier, is danced by the French ballet star Claire Sombert (1965).

1. Mademoiselle Fifi
Choreography by Zachary Solov; Music by Théodore de Lajarte
Dancers: Alexandra Danilova, Roman Jasinsky, Michael Maule (1955)

2. Balance à Trois
Choreography by Jean Babilée; Music by Jean-Michel Damase
Dancers: Jean Babilée, Gerda Daum, Adolfo Andrade (1965)

3. Préludes Nos. 8 and 20
Choreography by Janine Charrat; Music by Johann Sebastian Bach
Dancer: Claire Sombert (1965)

4. Adagio - Pas de deux
Choreography by Gérard Ohn; Music by Tomaso Albinoni, arr. Remo Giazotto
Dancers: Claire Sombert and Adolfo Andrade (1965)

5. Romeo and Juliet
Choreography by Serge Lifar; Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Dancers: Violette Verdy and Scott Douglas (1958)

Run time: 65 minutes

The release date is listed as June 23, 2015. Unfortunately, Amazon has misspelled the title as "Ballets Frangais," which could make it difficult to find.

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Wow! Thank you, Sandik, for this info. It's interesting that Yvette Chauvire is not featured. Any thoughts or ideas about that, members?

I'm just a commenter -- vocanohunter is the one that brought back the goods on this!

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