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Maya Plisetskaya

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Masculine power but with a flirty feminine style. Ditto her Laurencia. Not just the technique but such a Spanish señorita in nuances and the rest...Ole! It's no wonder that Spanish dance fans took to her and she to them, with dual Spanish and Russian citizenship.

Yes! And I love Ms.Maya's Laurencia! Many wonderful comments and accolades coming in. Please see Washington Post obituary - I read it today and I think it's a better obituary than the NYT. .

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Maya Plisetskaya was simply divine. I saw her live only once in Carmen and there are no words to describe that experience.It made me cry.No other dancer (except Baryshnikov)ever had such an impact on me.

She was a phenomenon that comes across once in a lifetime - the greatest spirit in ballet since Anna Pavlova,the greatest Russian assoluta and along with Semeonova,Ulanova,Shelest and Fonteyn one of the greatest dancers of the 20th century.

She was unforgettable in so many roles,her style was unique. Those who were lucky to see Plisetskaya on stage will never forget it.

We are so fortunate that so many of her performances are preserved on tape.

The Incomparable,Magnificent,Awesome Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya will stay forever in the hearts of all ballet lovers.

You brought such joy. Thank You for Your Art.

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I was privileged to see her dance Odette/Odile and the Dying Swan at the SF Opera House when I was young... She inspired my generation with her strength, artistry, and passion. I was speaking about her at some length with my advanced class the very day she passed away! I didn't know she had left us until I returned home! I try to tell my students about the amazing dancers of the past who are leaving us... I don't wish for Maya to be forgotten! She is iconic and will be so missed...

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