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  1. It's true but there's nobody left alive who saw Nijinsky,not many who saw Nureyev in his prime. Baryshnikov - that's a totally different story.I've seen him in everything at the then Kirov and many times here in the States at the Kennedy center with ABT, then with White Oak and now in dramatic roles(I don't mean Sex and the City though he was very good). Baryshnikov is the greatest male dancer I've ever seen and probably ever will. A lot of ballets were created for these legends and in my opinion the list of great male dancers is much shorter than that of female but there are quite a few female dancers that have become legends during their lifetime like Pavlova,Ulanova,Fonteyn and the one that we just lost and possibly the greatest of them all Maya Plisetskaya.
  2. Maya Plisetskaya was simply divine. I saw her live only once in Carmen and there are no words to describe that experience.It made me cry.No other dancer (except Baryshnikov)ever had such an impact on me. She was a phenomenon that comes across once in a lifetime - the greatest spirit in ballet since Anna Pavlova,the greatest Russian assoluta and along with Semeonova,Ulanova,Shelest and Fonteyn one of the greatest dancers of the 20th century. She was unforgettable in so many roles,her style was unique. Those who were lucky to see Plisetskaya on stage will never forget it. We are so fortunate that so many of her performances are preserved on tape. The Incomparable,Magnificent,Awesome Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya will stay forever in the hearts of all ballet lovers. You brought such joy. Thank You for Your Art.
  3. I don't know if translation was that terrible or the person writing is so ignorant but I'd like to know how Mr.Nureev could possibly help Sergei Polunin in 2003 since he was dead for 10 years by that time. Someone being dead is not funny but in this case almost is.
  4. Maya Plisetskaya never danced Giselle but was considered a great Myrtha and danced it quite often to Ulanova's Giselle. The photo of Plisetskaya is not from " Giselle " but from " Chopeninana " as " Les Sylphides " is called in Rissia. She was not a romantic dancer per se but nevetherless was very sucessful in both of these ballets.
  5. Yes he did but in a one room apartment no maid included.
  6. Bessmertnova is the greatest Giselle I've ever seen (video just doesn't do justice) when she was a guest at the then Kirov Theatre in 1974 with the God of Dance himself Baryshnikov(about whom someone here foolishly said that Albrecht is not a good role for him) who is the greatest Albrect I've seen and believe me I've seen plenty. What a pair and what a crime that this performance was not recorded and released and especially now in retrospect it was Baryshnikov's very last performance at the Kirov (next month he danced Giselle with Kolpakova with the Bolshoi before both went to Canada and where Misha defected). As many Giselles as I've seen and BTW with Misha in US, this one with the divine Bessmertnova - THE GISELLE of the 20th century - was the only one that I openly cried and believe me I wasn't the only one. The theatre was packed and you could hardly get through the crowd on the way to the theare.All Kirov primas(Kolpakova et al) were there.A very young Kunakova was a wonderful Myrtha. The standing ovation was going on forever.Such memories as if it was just yesterday and not 38 years ago and Bessmertnova is no longer with us.
  7. Everything: face,eyes,smile,neck,arms,legs and feet - Altynai Asylmuratova.
  8. The greatest Myrtha in the Soviet Union was Alla Shelest but she was also a glorious Giselle and Nureyev's favorite partner in Giselle and some other ballets they danced together. Tatyana Terehova-Berezhnaya was the best Myrtha of her generation, second only to Shelest and was a lovely Giselle, part that she danced only towards the end of her career.I asw her as Giselle at the Kennedy Center and she was breathtaking.
  9. Shirinkina is Shklyarov's better half? You mean they are a couple off stage? What happened to Obraztsova? If that's the case I wouldn't be surprised that Filin will invite her to join Bolshoi on a full time basis instead of principal guest artist, especially that he gives her parts at the Bolshoi that Mariinsky dosn't and they still haven't made her a prima.
  10. The Mikhailovsky Theatre has quite an illustrious history.Many wonderful dancers such as Nikolai Zubkovsky, Nikita Dolgushin and Valery Panov danced there.Fyodor Lopukhov,Leonid Lavrovsky and Oleg Vinogradov used to be Artistic Directors. As Leningrad State Academic Maly Opera Theatre(MALEGOT for short) it was always very experimental in its productions. So as usual British with their arrogance think they know better.This theatre has always been known to ballet lovers. These days such greats as Alla Osipenko,Nikita Dolgushin and Zhanna Ayupova coach there. It has wonderful dancers.Last year Leonid Sarafanov left the Mariinsky and joined Mikhailovsky and his wife the great Olesia Novikov(still not a prima balerina with the Mariinsky) guests there partnering her husband.By the way Sarafanov and Osipova daned quite a lot together either at the Bolshoi or Mariinsky so hopefully that partnership will continue. What about Irina Perren - Mikhailovsky Prima - what a jem. Such luminaries as Elena Obraztsova and Farukh Ruzimatov are still involved with the theatre no longer as AD of Opera and Ballet but as Advisors. It's a wonderful theatre . Bravo for Osipova and Vasiliev.You go Natasha and Ivan.
  11. Maya Plisetskaya always was and still is very glamorous.
  12. Don Q ballet has absolutely nothing in common with Servantes's novel, and, though,V.Ponomarev(a grandson of his great namesake) is a good Don Q, it's not a dancing part, and ballet is all about dance and, as such, it does matter who's doing Kitri or Basil. As for Georgian faces, Nioradze does have one as she is indeed Georgian as are Nina Ananiashvili,Nikolai Tsiskaridze, as was Vachtang Chabukiani and George Balanchine(Balanchivadze) and Tamara Tumanova who were both half Georgian.Pasternak was Jewish( a convert to Christianity).As far as Nioradze being N.F.in " The Idiot " I ve never thought about that,but it's Nastasia Filipovna.
  13. I live in Washington,DC area and intend to attend Mariinsky's Don Quixote. Kennedy Center doesn't have the cast for performances yet. They have to get it from Mariinsky's management. There's nothing on Vishneva's website for January 2009. At this point her schedule ends in December 2008. Is there any way to find out when the Mariinsky will announce the cast for their January 2009 Don Q performances at the Kennedy Center ? Will appreciate any ideas. Thanks
  14. You must be kidding! How would you know he is a true balletomane.It's true that there are some cultured politicians,but in most cases they have people to do that kind of thing for them.Reminds me of NIKITA congratulating Van Cliburn and talking about his interpretation of Chopin.
  15. Inna Zubkovskaya indeed had one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen, and such greats as Plisetskaya and Makarova mention her unique beauty in their books.And she was an outstanding dancer.
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