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Matthew Golding to Royal Ballet

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He'll make his debut in "Sleeping Beauty" with Osipova on 27 March 2014 after joining the Royal Ballet in February.

From the Royal Ballet:


From Dutch National Ballet:


He'll be a regular Guest Artist at Dutch National Ballet starting in 2014-15.

Kudos to the Royal Ballet for getting him to join!

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ABT has a tendency to let it's dancers rot on the vine.

And then to bring in lesser dancers either with foreign names or who look and act like "bad" boys and girls.

Example: Jared Matthews was breathtaking in Lensky's difficult solo this past spring season. But is he going to be the next male dancer to be promoted? I hope so, but I fear not.

And then there's the exquisite Stella Abrera. I'm still waiting...and waiting...and waiting for her Giselle.

Back to topic: Matthew Golding was a terrible loss for ABT. As they say, it's deja vu all over again.

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