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2013-14 season announcement

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I am in NY this weekend for NYCB and went to box office to buy an additional series directly AND ask as innocently as possible about other tickets. The person at the box office was perfectly polite but entirely strict about buying "packages" only. I am pretty frustrated -- but I would be much less so if I could at least believe everyone was being treated the same...

I expect Spartacus to sell out or nearly so--for many people it IS the Bolshoi. But though I'm throwing all of my post January Ballet budget at the company (though I plan to skip Spartacus), I could very much wish they had decided to include at least one "riskier" item--Lost Illusions or Esmerelda. With Obraztsova and Hallberg I would even have been thrilled to see Marco Spada. It's especially puzzling since the Bolshoi is surely never a hard sell and in the wake of recent scandals will presumably be less of a hard sell than ever.

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I understand your feelings, Drew. I too think they have a very wide-ranging and interesting repertory that they are not bringing over. I'd love to see Marco Spado or Lost Illusions. And I saw Flames of Paris last summer and thought it was great (though they've been touring with that recently - have they brought it to the US already?).

But I'm so excited about Spartacus! I'm writing a chapter on it right now, so seeing it in person this summer will be delightful.

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Casting for Bolshoi Ballet's Japan tour this November~December has been announced

Swan Lake
11/20 19:00 Zakharova, Hallberg, Lantratov
11/24 17:00 Zakharova, Hallberg, Lantratov
11/26日13:00 Smirnova, Volchkov, Belyakov
11/26日19:00 Nikulina, Skvortsov, Lantratov
La Bayadere
12/3 18:30 Zakharova, Lantratov, Alexandrova
12/4 12:00 Nikulina, Lobukhin, Krysanova
12/418:30 Smirnova, Volchkov, Shipulina
Don Quixote
12月6日(土)12:30 Alexandrova,Lantratov
12月6日(土)18:30 Krysanova, Chudin
12月7日(日)14:00 Shipulina, Lobukhin
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