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apprentice query

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So was introduced to ballet last year when I had the opportunity to see the sab showcase while in america- I was struck by how great a couple of the dancers were and was wondering how they did- I could only remember a couple of names and looked them up- meaghan dutton ohara peter walker and angelina generosa - I found that got apprenticeships in the new york city and san francisco ballet but was wondering when it will be announced if they are to become full company members- from what ive been reading it is not a guarantee?

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If you mean 2011 Mae L. Wien Award winner Angelica Generosa, she has been an apprentice with Pacific Northwest Ballet since December 2011. She's been dancing beautifully all year, but came into her own especially in the season-ending "Coppelia" as one of the four Jesterettes. Promotions to corps from apprenticeships traditionally are announced just before the beginning of PNB's season in September.

Each company handles and announces (or not) it differently. Neither Dutton O'Hara nor Walker is listed on the SFB site as an apprentice.

If Dutton O'Hara and/or Walker are NYCB apprentices, perhaps NYCB watchers can tell us if the company has a specific time of year the transition takes place.

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I wish NYCB would do what almost every other company does and list their apprentices, but their website has always been a bit of a mess.

Thank you for the link to the newsletter, mira! I notice that Myles Lavallee is listed in the same section -- he looked very promising in Ballet Arizona's All-Balanchine program this past June.

For those who can't open the .pdf, the five dancers made apprentices are:

  • Aaron Sanz
  • Harrison Ball
  • Meaghan Dutton-O'Hara
  • Peter Walker
  • Joseph Gordon

Of the four listed as joining NYCB, were they apprentices first, or did they go directly from SAB into the corps?:

  • Spartak Hoxha
  • Emily Kikta
  • Claire Kretzschmar
  • Lars Nelson

In "Where Snowflakes Dance and Swear," Peter Boal said that he was told he was a member of the company automatically after having danced a certain number (three) roles with the company, but I'm not sure they had apprenticeships in the mid-80's. It may have meant that SAB students who were used for a certain number of ballets became corps contractually.

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thanks Helene. Yes, the list in the pdf is last season's SAB "grads" who were made NYCB apprentices for this past season. Peter Martins either promotes them to apprentice at the end of the SAB year in June or in the fall (for Nutcracker season). The SAB grads of June 2009 who were made NYCB apprentices then were Emilie Gerrity, Taylor Stanley, Shoshana Rosenfield, Ashly Isaacs, Sarah Villwock, Lara Tong. Then there was a group of students that was promoted to apprentice in fall of 2009 - I think that group was Brittany Hillyer, Dana Jacobson, Stephanie Chrosniak and Lauren Lovette. The SAB grads from June 2010 (who were made NYCB apprentices in June 2010) were Jillian Harvey, Elizabeth Wallace, Lars Nelson and Spartak Hoxha. Then another two students were made NYCB apprentices in fall 2010 - Emily Kikta and Claire Kretzschmar. I hope I haven't left anyone out. There is some agreement with the union about how many ballets an apprentice may appear in before they must be promoted to corps (not sure how many that is). It's open to negotiation with the union if put to a vote (for special situations).


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For a little color commentary, here's a link to a 2006 New York Times article about the NYCB apprentice experience, spotlighting then-apprentices Kathryn Morgan and David Prottas.

Helene: NYCB doesn't list apprentices on the company roster printed in the program, either. Apprentices are only shown in the cast list for the ballet they're dancing in, with a little "+" next to their names. Maybe it's a union thing.

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