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Shaun O’Brien (1925-2012)

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Oh dear, my heart just sank when I saw the topic heading.

But I love this comment from the NYT obituary:

"Mr. O’Brien, who is informally believed to hold at least the American record for career Drosselmeyers"

Perhaps that might be the key to increasing the popularity of dance in America -- pseudo-sports statistics.

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86 years old is a good age, a long life, fully lived, I imagine. He was very articulate, witty and lively during his interview with me.

Thanks nice to read, Neryssa. Has the interview been published? I'd love to read it.

I am sorry, kfw. It was actually an interview with him about one of his colleagues in the New York City Ballet during the 1950s. I am collecting interviews for a book (perhaps).

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Thanks for the link, Peg. From acting on Broadway to photographing Mother Teresa - what a life. I'm struck by this quote:

"I must say, I have been very close to some of the most wonderful people who ever have lived in our time," Alexander said in 1995 interview for "Show Music" magazine. He continued, "Our life is just the greatest life imaginable."

He's sounds like a grateful man, a wonderful thing to see.

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