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According to Jeffrey Taylor, one of the UK critics, Wayne Eagling did not resign but was sacked. This has caused a storm of protest amongst London ballet goers as the company is at present in better shape than it has been for years. No one knows for certain why Eagling is going though many speculate that a documentary film about the company showed him in an unflattering light. For some time now ENB has been more interesting than the big rivals at Covent Garden with a steadily growing fan base and no one wants to see Eagling go.

The Board of directors by the way; is made up of complete amateurs and rather unusually no one with a dance background has a place on the board. The magazine Dance Europe has addressed part of this in a present editorial.

Last week a government petition was launched to get Wayne Eagling reinstated. Please sign if you have any interest whatsoever in the future of British Ballet.


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Interesting, thanks.

There are often more politics involved in these things than is generally good for them. -sigh-

unfortunately, only UK citizens / residents may sign the petition. (makes sense, I guess....but still)


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Yes, it is a great shame that there are restrictions on who can sign the petition, particularly as Wayne Eagling is better known as a choreographer outside of the UK. There is great consternation over this business in the upper echelons of the international ballet community and it is a pity that the many people that have worked with him over the years are unable to get behind him by being able to sign.

I do hope that those British or UK based ballet fans that regularly contribute to this board will be signing.

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