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National Ballet of Cuba in Vancouver--Don Quixote

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National Ballet of Cuba opened a four-performance run of "Don Quixote" tonight at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Remaining performances are:

Friday, 17 February 8pm

Saturday, 18 February 2pm

Saturday, 18 February 8pm

Live music by the Vancouver Opera Orchestra; I believe the producer said the conductor's name is Giovanni Duarte.

Principal Casting from the printed program is:

Friday 17 February:

Kitri: Yanela Pinera

Basilio: Jose Losada

Espada: Alfredo Ibanez

Mercedes: Jessie Dominguez

Gipsy Chief: Omar Morales

Graciosa: Grettel Morejon

Queen of the Dryads: Amaya Rodrigues

Love: Aymara Vasallo

Saturday 18 February Matinee:

Kitri: Sadaise Arencibia

Basilio: Arian Molina

Espada: Jose Losada

Mercedes: Amaya Rodriguez

Gipsy Chief: Omar Morales

Graciosa: Regina Hernandez

Queen of the Dryads: Dayesi Torrientes

Love: Maureen Gil

Saturday 18 February Evening:

Kitri: Annette Delgado

Basilio: Dani Hernandez

Espada: Alfredo Ibanez

Mercedes: Jessie Dominguez

Gipsy Chief: Roberto Vega

Graciosa: Amaya Rodriguez

Queen of the Dryads: Estheysis Menendez

Love: Aymara Vasallo

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Here is the full cast printed in the program:

Don Quixote: Leandro Perez

Sancho Panza: Javier Sanchez

Dulcinea: Carolina Garcia

Kitri: Viengsay Valdes

Basilio: Osiel Gounod

Lorenzo: Felix Rodriguez

Camacho: Ernesto Diaz

Espada: Arian Molina

Mercedes: Amaya Rodriguez

Janita: Grettel Morejon

Piquilla: Jessie Dominguez

Bullfighters: Yanier Gomez, Camilo Ramos, Roberto Vega, Omar Morales, Josue Justiz, Edward Gonzalez

Gipsy Chief: Alfredo Ibanez

Graciosa, His Daughter: Davesi Torrientes

Young Gypsy: Yanier Gomez

Queen of the Dryads: Estheysis Menendez

Love: Maureen Gil

Two Handsom Boys: Yanier Gomez and Camilo Ramos

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Here we go again...the ever present "anchor-mimicking-ballet" old story...Agh, it's getting so tiring and flavorless by now...yucky.gif

The clip was wonderful though-(thanks a lot, CM..! flowers.gif ...Isn't Miss V wonderful...? happy.png ). Miss Arencibia never looked to me like a Cuban trained ballerina back when she had just started. Tall, skinny and languid, with long, thin, hyper extended limbs, little jump and exaggerated port de bras, she reminded me more of the Russian typical dancer. Perhaps she's a bit stronger and flamboyant by now...?

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At least it wasn't the even more typical male anchor partners ballerina and acts coy about it. Which reminds me of Christopher d'Amboise's story in his book about how his dad did a lecture demo in his all-boys high school gym. One of his classmates agreed to try to partner the young ballerina whom d'Amboise brought, and he tried to make a joke of it. The challenge was to partner her in supported pirouettes. Classmate stood too close to the ballerina. Ouch.

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I think the participation videos are very useful - they are a great way to make ballet seem more accessible to people who do not usually attend performances.

Just found a fabulous video of English National Ballet with Arsenal Football club - I think this will do a lot of good as well


If there is a problem with posting this link - it is an advert - please let me know and I will delete it (assume this is allowed)

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