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  1. Thelma Schoonmaker introduces the digitally restored version of "Tales of Hoffman" at the Venice Film Festival, with video link to Martin Scorsese. Includes references to dance in film, Robert Helpmann etc. http://www.labiennale.org/en/mediacenter/video/71-46.html
  2. Such Sad News. A news report has been uploaded to youtube
  3. British Pathe has some footage of the production from Beryl Grey's performance in Swan Lake at the Bolshoi in 1958 http://www.britishpathe.com/video/beryl-grey-at-the-bolshoi/query/beryl+grey http://www.britishpathe.com/video/beryl-grey-performs-swan-lake-ballet-at-bolshoi-th/query/beryl+grey
  4. He played Abderakhman in the recent broadcast of "Raymonda":
  5. I thought that this was a really good advertisement for "Graduation Ball" at Teatro Colon. I think it is aimed at children. I also think that they are using the melodies from Johann Strauss illustrated by clips from the production to help sell the ballet. It looks as if it is a really popular production.
  6. I thought that the expressions/reactions of the dancers during the speech were particularly moving. I found some more footage of the Bayadere rehearsal in a report from the Moscow correspondent/Phil Black of Sunriseon7 (Australia). Focus now is on moving forward. There will also need to be some work to repair damage to their reputation. The clip includes some film of the press conference with Galina Stepanenko.
  7. Is the translation given in this article/feature from Sky news? http://news.sky.com/story/1042573/bolshoi-acid-attack-dancers-return-to-stage
  8. I watched the documentary "Joffrey, mavericks of American dance" online on PBS last night : http://video.pbs.org/video/2320387369/ I really enjoyed the program. Great footage of Massine staging Parade with the Joffrey.
  9. Yuri Faier's recording of the Swan Lake ballet suite with the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra (now available on MP3) was my introduction to Swan Lake. The record notes indicate that the Bolshoi presented Swan Lake with Gorsky choreography during their UK 1956 tour so I assume that this is the production that the Mikhailovsky theatre has revived and has just transmitted (the costumes and choreography of the Spanish dance on the DVD “Paul Czinner's 1956 The Bolshoi Ballet” match those in the Mikhailovsky production). The video below (no sound) shows the arrival of the Bolshoi company and the scenery in 1956. Yuri Faier is shown at 2 minutes, 40 seconds. http://www.britishpathe.com/video/arrival-of-bolshoi-ballet/query/bolshoi Performances of Swan Lake by the Bolshoi always take me back to my first memories of listening to the ballet suite – the interpretation of the music in the ballroom act is particularly special for me. In terms of yesterday's live stream from the Mikhailovsky, I loved the production, the dancers/dancing and the music. The ballroom act was my favourite because the interpretation of the music with the dancing brought back so many memories. Other highlights were the corps de ballet in the Gorsky choreography and of course the performances of the principal dancers. I also greatly enjoyed the competition and the performances by the stars during the grand prix on Wednesday and Thursday. http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en/afisha/detail/151614/ http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en/afisha/detail/151615/ Grand Pas Classique is a great favourite of mine so I particularly enjoyed the pas de deux performed by Olesya Novikova and Leonid Sarafanov. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the performances of the more modern choreography, e.g., the pieces choreographed by Bigonzetti, Edward Klug and Nacho Duato.
  10. Hi Nyusan I've been enjoying the performance on: http://paraclassics.com/mikhailovsky-theatre-swan-lake-tchaikovsky-ekaterina-borchenko-victor-lebedev/ Usually it's possible to view a rerun of the performance for a few hours after the end of the transmission, so hopefully you might be able to catch up on anything that you might have missed.
  11. Sylvie Guillem at the NCPA dance festival Beijing (videos) Interview with Sylvie Guillem http://english.cntv.cn/program/cultureexpress/20121114/101330.shtml Short feature on Sylvie Guillem's show http://english.cntv.cn/program/cultureexpress/20121114/101297.shtml Overview of NCPA festival, including review of Sylvie Guillem's show and discussion on the growth of dance in China http://english.cntv.cn/program/cultureexpress/20121114/101332.shtml
  12. Spanish TV feature on 22nd (2010) Ballet Festival of Havana with many dancers featuring Julio Bocca, Tamara Rojo, Loipa Araujo, Joaquin de Lux, Victor Ullate, Antonio “El Pipa”, Elier Bourzac and Ismael Albelo Neodans Aldo Lopez (In spanish) http://www.rtve.es/a...habana/1557757/ (probably no references to Agnes De Mille)
  13. I believe that the fiim may include some footage from Ann Barzel. I'm always interested in first hand accounts of Ballet Russes performances and of meetings with Diaghilev particularly when they are based in Paris. The film also covers the period where she curated exhibitions for the costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Didn't she write a catalogue for the exhibition Diaghilev: costumes and designs of the Ballets Russes?
  14. It's available now on the LPO website. Concert starts around nine minutes after the beginning of the video.
  15. "The London Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Academy of Arts join forces to present Music in the Courtyard, a unique outdoor concert that celebrates Impressionist masterpieces from the realms of visual arts and orchestral music, with kind support from JTI.....The expansive melodies and subtly shifting harmonies you can hear the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform in works by Ravel, Chausson and Dukas are the perfect musical counterpart to the paintings by Monet, Manet, Pissarro, Degas, and others, that feature in the Royal Academy’s From Paris: A Taste for Impressionism exhibition. Programme order with approximate timings Ravel Rapsodie espagnole (15 mins) Chausson Poème pour violon (16 mins) Ravel Une barque sur l'océan (7 mins) INTERVAL (20 mins) Duparc Mélodies (15 mins) Dukas La Péri (17 mins) Ravel La valse (13 mins) Fabien Gabel conductor Danielle de Niesesoprano Simone Lamsma violin The filmed concert has already been streamed live but will be available on demand from Monday for two weeks: Lots of supporting information/articles/video from the Guardian: http://www.guardian....monic-orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) http://www.lpo.org.uk/ra/index.html. The LPO has a twenty page booklet of program notes on its website.
  16. CM

    David Hallberg

    Please see below a link to the program: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16124819
  17. "Earlier this week Americas Now visited the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts here in Washington, DC. We got a firsthand look as the dancers of the Washington Ballet Company prepared for their last rehearsal in full costume. It was also the last chance to hit their marks before the opening night’s review performance." http://english.cntv.cn/program/americasnow/20120517/113146.shtml
  18. CM

    Alicia Alonso

    I enjoyed the clips in the extract (I have edited the link as CCTV have separated out the ballet feature from the rest of the program)
  19. CM

    Alicia Alonso

    Alicia Alonso interviewed by Michael Voss/CCTV http://english.cntv.cn/program/americasnow/20120517/114265.shtml Short feature on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban ballet school http://www.bbc.co.uk...merica-17793474
  20. I've spotted one more program with subtitles: Feb 6 2012: the Bolshoi Ballet on tour in Japan; a glimpse into the work of the Bolshoi ushers; the portrait of an artist - bass Dmitry Belosesky; Ekaterina Krysanova's debut in Giselle. If you can't see subtitles automatically, press CC. What's really good about these subtitles is that you don't need to have russian or english to understand the conversation. There is an option to translate the english subtitles into many different languages
  21. About two weeks ago the Bolshoi started to provide english subtitles for their "a Ticket to the Bolshoi" program. The latest episode on their youtube channel has a feature on backstage at the Corsaire - same cast as the cinema transmission. Also featured are Makvala Kasrashvili's anniversary gala and Evgenia Obraztsova's debut in "la Sylphide" with Slava Lopatkin. The two other episodes with subtitles are: April 11 - Olga Smirnova, Vladislav Lantratov and Anna Tikhomirova debut in "La Bayadere"; Deputy Director Anton Getman and his departments; soprano Elena Zelenskaya talking about herself. April 16- the premiere of "Der Rosenkavalier"; a tour around the reconstructed Bolshoi Theatre; ballet coach Nina Semizorova; ballet dancer Denis Medvedev It's a great move - It makes such a difference to understand what the dancers and staff are saying in the interviews.
  22. I think the participation videos are very useful - they are a great way to make ballet seem more accessible to people who do not usually attend performances. Just found a fabulous video of English National Ballet with Arsenal Football club - I think this will do a lot of good as well http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/arsenal-players-perform-ballet-car-ad-120929767.html If there is a problem with posting this link - it is an advert - please let me know and I will delete it (assume this is allowed)
  23. I've got to the stage where I try not to watch any variation set to the music of the arabian dance from the Nutcracker. I read somewhere that Diaghilev included this variation in his "Sleeping Princess". Is this really true?
  24. Many thanks for the translation – it must have taken a long time! It makes such a difference for me to understand the reactions of the dancers in the program. I'd thought that Zhu Yan was incredibly committed to her role in Carmen when she agreed to have her hair cut off in preparation for the performances. It hadn't occurred to me before that dancers can sometimes face the same demands as actors (who quite often have to change parts of their appearance for a role.) I'm afraid I can't help out with the Bayadere translation – I don't speak russian either. Thanks so much
  25. Sleeping Beauty is available now (please refer to attachment for info) - I've just watched it again. I don't always enjoy non traditional versions of the classics, but I was happy with this production. Also, even though there are cuts in the music I thought that the orchestra under Valeri Ovsyanikov (I think?) sounded wonderful. I really like the dancers and was very happy to watch some favourites again, e.g., Ekaterina Borchenko, Leonid Sarafanov, Svetlana Zakharova, Sabina Yapparova and Andrei Yakhnyuk
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