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Ernie Kovacs and Gorillas Dancing Swan Lake

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Quite delightful - and well researched, not just hammy vaudeville stuff - down to the presentation of the bouquet at the end. Thanks!

Kissing cousins to the Nairobi Trio.

I enjoyed that aspect of it too - they'd clearly seen the ballet. I like "Odette" shielding her swans and rushing over to "Siegfried" and tossing away his bow, and at the end accepting her "bouquet" and graciously offering a banana to her cavalier.

I see there are links to other Kovacs jewels, including an old favorite of mine, poet laureate Percy Dovetonsils reciting "Leslie, the Mean Animal Trainer." RIP Ernie, gone too soon. Thanks, Mme. Hermine.

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Agree 100% with Quiggan and others. I;m amazed at how generously, even lovingly this parody is performed. It's based on real observation -- observation of the art form itself, not just a repeat of cliches from earlier parodies. Nothing is overstated or goes on too long. I love the banana bouquet and the ballerina's lovely gesture of handing a single banana to her cavalier. And ... the llittle swan who just can't keep her mouth from flapping. And ... and ... and.

I did not remember how beautifully modulated Kovacs' voice was. His introduction -- words and also the manner of delivery -- is plausible. Kovacs does more than introduce; he sets the tone for the (relative) subtlety of the piece that followed. And not a "wink-wink" to be seen. (Was Percy Dovetonsils treated so lovingly? I can't recall.)

Thanks, Mme. Hermine, for giving us another example of your astonishing skill in tracking down ballet videos of all kinds. clapping.gif

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