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69 (or 70 as one of the articles says) seems rather young. How sad.

I saw her twice that I remember--both times dancing Flames of Paris pas de deux with Vladimirov as part of a Bolshoi "highlights" program. The first time, I was a very little girl (had only been allowed to go because there was an unexpected spare ticket) and I was totally overwhelmed--though I must admit, mostly by Vladimirov's leaps. But it was altogether a memorable performance. Pretty much my first experience of what now seems very much "old style" Bolshoi bravura dancing. And very exciting to a child who had never dreamed of such a thing!

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Thank you for posting this sad news.

I first saw Nina Ivanovna Sorokina dance in 1965. She was a technical breath of fresh air with perfect turnout and an electrifying technique and a real joy in her dancing. I was 20 years old and probably impressionable. Later exposure to this very sweet person and her husband confirmed both of their powerful technical abilities who truly brought both joy and drama to their performances.

My condolences to Yuri Kuzmich Vladimirov on the loss of his wife who danced with the Bolshoi Ballet from 1961 to 1988.

Madame Sorokina received the Gold medal at the 1st International Ballet Competition in Moscow with M. Baryshnikov and the Gold medal at International Ballet Competition in 1966 in Varna. In 1970 she received the "Golden Star" at the International Festival of Dance in Paris.

Madame Sorokina performed many of the leading ballerina roles of the Bolshoi Ballet partnered by her husband to which they brought a virtuosic dynamism and was also variously partnered by Mikhail Lavrovsky, Maris Liepa and Alexander Godunov.

Her leading roles included, The Chosen Maiden in "Rite of Spring" Kasatkina and Vassileva,. Nina ….took leading roles in ,The Geologists , Asel , Anna Karenina , Icarus" and in the classics, Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty", Masha in "Nutcracker", Kitri in "Don Quixote as well as Phrygia in Spartacus, Ivan the Terrible and Mistress of the Copper Mountain in The Stone Flower.

In 1987 she was named People’s favorite artist in USSR and in 1988 she became the Ballet Director of the company "Stars of Bolshoi Theatre."

In the last phase of her theatrical life she was a leading teacher of the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) where she was appointed professor of the Department of Choreography. Her other responsibilities were Art Director of seminars for teachers of classical ballet.



And in a curious work that appears to translate as "Naughty Limericks" Nina Sorokina is distinguished by the bright blue top to her costume.


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