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Victoria Beckham was most noticeable -- her beretta was perched almost in front of her hairline -- but keep looking, and most everybody in the fashionable set had hats growing out of their foreheads. Wonder how they kept htem on....

According to a milliner friend, many people use toupee tape.

But let us return to less vexing topics than economics. What did people think of Pippa Middleton's dress for the wedding?

Along with many people here and elsewhere, I thought it was a lovely dress and that she wore it particularly well. But the image that I remember most fondly is of her walking into the cathedral hand in hand with two flower girls, and the others walking around her like she was their fairy godmother. Just charming!

Someone had a comment on the former Miss Middleton's eye makeup, which I couldn't find here to quote -- I didn't really think she was overdone, but I did twinge a bit at Beatrice and Eugenie. Newsweek magazine ran a cover recently with the Olson twins on it, and all four of them seem to have a thing for the raccoon-eyed look.

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I very much enjoyed reading GoCoyote!’s post and would like to make a couple of comments.

I'm not sure it is technically possible for any of us to judge the level of support for the wedding (or the royal family itself) given that (1) the mainstream media was 'heroically' biased in favour of the event and (2) many dissenters or even 'questioners' and 'free thought provokers' were silenced in pre crime (thought crime) arrests the day before.

Well, the wall to wall TV coverage threw out a few clues such as the panning across Hyde Park revealing fewer people than would attend the average concert events held there and my sister in law, a woman addicted to any kind of spectacle and with hopes of attending the Olympic Games next year, was surprised to get a very good view from The Mall as there were fewer spectators than she had imagined.

Then there was the day’s holiday imposed on the country:

The fact that the royal family have the necessary wealth and clout to be able to close down half of London, 'give' everyone in the UK the day off work and take command of the nations' media and police forces etc in order to create such a palpable sense of occasion does not mean it could not theoretically be created some other way (minus any royal involvement) .... and it doesn't mean the crowds would feel any less enthralled to be attending such an event, whatever it might be (provided politicians were kept well away from any decision making processes!).

Had there been no holiday Londoners would have found it well nigh impossible to get to work with so many of the major roads in the centre completely closed, but everywhere else it was more complicated with many people having to work or lose a day’s pay and many employers were concerned about losing a whole day’s business at a time when the recession is making small businesses struggle to survive, so not a decision unanimously applauded.

One very positive thing came out of the event though: confirmation that the belief that the monarchy is ‘above politics’ is a myth. The guest list proved that and did in fact get a lot of publicity prior to the event. That heads of state such as Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy et al were excluded was explained away by the wedding not being a state occasion and the exclusions of former Labour premiers Blair and Brown were explained away by their not being knights of the garter, whereas the conservative ex PM’s that were invited were.

The biggest embarrassment though was the dithering over the rescinding of the invitation to the Syrian Ambassador, which must have upset Prince Charles no end as he is said to be pals with Syrian President Assad who is half English and educated in the UK, never mind, there were plenty of other middle eastern dictators on display and I’m told the Saudis in particular have a habit of bestowing jewel-encrusted gifts on these occasions. The royals have a penchant for dodgy rich people though and Prince Andrew’s friendship with millionaire Jeffrey Epstein who has unfortunate sexual proclivities actually cleared the front pages of pre-wedding clap trap for several days in the run up to the event.

To summarize: democratically elected UK leaders OUT. Loaded foreign dictators IN.

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It is a pity that this thread which started as an enthusiastic celebration of the Royal Wedding has been hijacked(in part) by ill informed political ranting which is certainly out of keeping with the usual tone of Ballet Alert.

I hope never to see such a degeneration of a thread allowed on Ballet Alert again.

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A reminder to everyone that we have a longstanding rule about not discussing the discussion.

Mashinka, I read that Prince Andrew recently sold his mansion to a relative of Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan for well above market price. He’s never met a deep-pocketed despot he didn’t like, evidently.

Someone had a comment on the former Miss Middleton's eye makeup, which I couldn't find here to quote -- I didn't really think she was overdone,

I didn’t, either, sandik. I thought it looked fine – on her.

According to a milliner friend, many people use toupee tape.

Thanks. I, too, was wondering how those fascinating fascinators stayed in place.

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Princess Beatrice’s hat is being auctioned off on eBay.

Bids on the eye-catching headgear will be accepted until the eBay bidding closes on Sunday, May 22.

The sale was announced earlier this week by Beatrice's mother, Sarah Ferguson when she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Money raised from the sale will be split between two charities, UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

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Well, we shall have another royal wedding in 13 days.  Alas, without the contributions of Mel Johnson.  May he rest in peace and enjoy the proceedings at a great gathering of snarky dancers in the sky.   

Shall we start a new thread?  If nothing else, the eye candy of fashionable guests should keep us entertained.  

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