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Susanne Grinder promoted to Solodanser

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Back when the announcement was still brand new, I read Hübbe's description of Susanne as a dancer in Politiken. I have yet to see her perform, but when he used words such as delicately feminine and "almost transparent" in her elegance, I just knew that I would have to follow her as closely as I could. Fortunately I will get to watch her in A Midsummer Night's Dream when it re-opens in January. And if I can at all afford it, I will also be watching her in A Folk's Tale in March - it would be a perfect birthday gift to give myself. ;)

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How wonderful that you finally get to see Ms. Grinder next month! I hope you also get to see her in A Folk Tale. That would definitely be a great birthday present to yourself!

Please come back and give us your impressions, or maybe something more.

Enjoy! And welcome to BalletAlert :flowers: .

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